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Florists in Buffalo

Hey ladies,

Does anyone have suggestions of a good, reasonably priced florist in the Buffalo area? I am starting to research for my 4/28/12 wedding but many I have found are out of our price range.


Re: Florists in Buffalo

  • AeroStyleAeroStyle member
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    I'm using Lipinoga in Clarence. They were the most reasonalby priced. When I started looking at flowers, I posted the question here and Lipinoga seemed to come up the most as recommended.
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    we are using maureen's wholesale...which isn't the cheapest (i don't think), but we are only doing bouquets, nothing else, so it wasn't too bad.

    i also looked at the flositry and liked them.
  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    i'm also going with maureen's wholesale. flowers arent TOO important to me, but everyone i've consulted said to go to her because she's fantastic and budget-friendly.
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    I am using A Blooming Place. Here is their website: http://abloomingplace.com/ Prices were really reasonable and a few of my friends have used them for their weddings.

    Just a suggestion, I ordered Easter flowers from them just to see how well they did centerpieces and could put my visions into reality. This was my way of testing out a florist, since pictures aren't always the best.
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    I also went with Maureen's.  I found her to be really easy to work with and extremely reasonable for what is going to be a fairly flower-heavy event.  The rest of my vendors seemed really happy when I told them she was my florist because she's very professional and always does a great job. 
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    Thanks ladies! 
  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
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    We are using Maureen's too!  They are "the best in Buffalo"!  As far as cost, they are probably considered mid-range, but you'll get a lot of bang for your buck.  Maureen was also really helpful with suggestions to keep us under budget.
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  • Aquarian342Aquarian342 member
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    I am certainly not trying to be purposely negative or contradicting here, but I had a terrible experience with Maureen.  The secretary was super nice and I was trying to talk about my budget with her and she said Maureen would ask me what I was looking for right off.  However, Maureen seemed to be in a hurry, did not ask my my budget, tried to convince me to put together some massive expensive fireplace flower thing, and when I said I wanted a small bouquet she showed me something much larger and said "well this is a VERY modest bouquet!" making it seem like what I wanted was silly.  Basically, I came out of there feeling like I'd lost a battle of expertise and the price for everything was outrageous and nowhere near my budget.  I felt like I couldn't even give her my opinion.  Now maybe she was having a bad day, but I've heard from other florists that she can be very short and overbearing.  

    I'm sure her experience is great, and she makes wonderful pieces, but my first impression of her was enough for me to look elsewhere.  I ended up going with Flowers by Johnny.  I've heard he is expensive, but he spent an hour with me and my aunt, talking about everything I wanted, giving me examples one after another to show me exactly what the bridesmaid bouquets would look like, corsages, and he gave me a beautiful sample of my bouquet.  I thought he was really willing to work with my budget and get me the look I wanted.  He wasn't afraid to tell me tips for using less flowers (like how florists include a small clear vase with each bouquet so you dont have to buy centerpieces for the head table).

    I prob sound like an advertisement lol, but I'm just being honest about my experience, I hope at least somebody can take something away from it.  I hope I have not offended anyone.
  • cutypy0516cutypy0516 member
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    I used Theresa at Floral Accents in Tonawanda.  I thought her prices were good.  I also didn't need a whole lot with flowers either.  Besides the bouquets and bouttineirs (still don't know how to spell that), I just needed a center piece for the church altar.  My reception was at Rich's Atrium, so I opted for candle centerpieces instead of flowers for ambiance.  Theresa was great and knowledgable.  I had wanted hydrangeas and heather (for my hubby's scottish roots).  She helped me pick water filled bouquet holders since hydrangeas dry out easily in August.  And while most Heather doesn't bloom that late in the summer, we found a great substitute that would be suitable to keep the tradition.  The flowers looked great all day, and I still have m bouquet.
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    I am working with Linda from the Floral dept at Dash's on Colvin. I know you'd probably never think about going this route, because I didn't at first. I saw her work at my friends wedding last October, and was interested. Then I heard her prices, and was sold! Shes thorough, and straight forward. She doesn't even ask for a deposit- she gives you her word and I believe it. Also, she does not deliver.

    I also met with the Floral department at Wegmans (I believe in Tonawanda area) and enjoyed my meeting. It was a bit more expensive and the woman was trying to talk me into all these different flowers that I wasn't interested in. She was still very nice and I think if you were unsure as to what you wanted, she'd be a great help. I dont remember her name, however.

    Good luck!
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