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September 29, 2012 - Is this too late for an outdoor ceremony/reception?

I really want to have our wedding at Vizcarra VIneyards in September 2012, I was looking at 9/21 but it has been booked :(  Right now dates open are 9/14 and 9/29Our theme is a fall theme I think 9/14 is too early for a fall theme, but my fiancée thinks 9/29 is too late and it will be cold.  We live in Colorado now so we forget how the weather is in September .  Any help???

Re: September 29, 2012 - Is this too late for an outdoor ceremony/reception?

  • spenet1spenet1 member
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    I think the 14th is acceptable for a fall theme, especially in NY! The leaves should be starting to change, and the weather has a better chance of being decent. The 29th would be a huge gamble with warmth.
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  • degreadegrea member
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    I agree! Fall starts after labor day in my opinion. And Sept. 29 could be one of those Indian Summer Days or it could be 40 and raining. It is a big gamble. I would book 9/14 if it was me. You can pull of a fall theme on 9/14 easy questions.
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  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    i agree that the 14th in WNY can be a fall theme with no problem. =)
    if you want the 29th, then perhaps rent a couple heat lamps if the weather looks like it might be cold
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    I agree with the other ladies, I think it will be beautiful(needless to say...my ceremony is outside and my date is Oct 7th 2011)
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    I agree with PP's - September 14 would still be appropriate for a fall theme, and in Buffalo you never know with weather, but I would guess you would be more likely to have warm weather then than on 9/29
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    Yay another Vizcarra bride!! 

    When we visited the location in mid-September last year everything was still pretty green, so I would definitely start thinking about "faking" your fall scenery. You already have a great natural backdrop so all you'll have to do is play it up a little and your pictures will look amazing. I'm sure you could buy some fake leaves and/or corn stalks at Michael's (probably wait until after fall when it'll all be on sale), and you could even ask your coordinator at Vizcarra if they could sneak you some bails of hay to place around the pavilion and courtyard. Group them together in the courtyard, throw some blankets on them and you'll have instant lounge areas! 
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    Well the 14th it is....the 29th got booked before I could pick it so decison number one made - date is on the books!!Laughing
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