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Does anyone have package info for the Lafayette hotel??? I think that was the new venue opening this spring? Correct? Rapids theatre just doubled in price due to having rich's as their caterers. So now I have to search for a new venue. Please help!
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Re: Lafayette hotel

  • Two of the rooms (on the second floor) are being run by Pearl Street.
    There are pictures and menus on their site and it's the same price as if you have it at Pearl Street or the Webb (their other new building). I actually got a tour of the building a few weeks ago and though it is still under construction, it looks like it is going to be pretty amazing. If you want more info on those rooms and some pictures, send me a message.
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  • My wedding reception will be there at the end of July (god willing with the contruction!) We are excited about the space, but I have to say that just last week we learned that the patios that were supposed to be built are not going to be possible b/c the owner of some nearby apartments is blocking them (noise concerns).   I'm pretty bummed. If outside space is important to you, it may be a consideration.  When is your wedding?  

  • Mine is October 2013. But I'm looking for one a lil lower per person than here. Thank you guys
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  • Did you have the Rapids booked already? We are having our wedding there this June and while when we booked last spring Rich's was not one of the catering options, but I am not sure I understand how 1 caterer doubled your price....Marie actually offers a list of pre-approved caters to choose from and there are options for all different price ranges.
    We actually went to look at the Rapids because we wanted the Como Restaraunt in NF, but they were too small but said they cater at the Rapids. I have always loved the Como's food and they happen to be the least expensive food option at the Rapids.

    I also noticed you had a separate post that the Marriott was in your budget...when I looked into that they were almost DOUBLE what the Rapids is going to cost us.

    Good luck with your venue search!
  • Marquis de Lafayette are the caterers for the ballrooms in the Lafayette. They are beautiful!!! Offering 3 beautiful rooms with elegance and grandeur. Truly unique.
    Contact is Molly 903 8977 or [email protected]
  • Rapids starting 2013 will only be exclusively with Rich's catering
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