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Vendor reviews, etc. (Buffalo)

Hi ladies - I got married on 10/15.  I often found the reviews on this site really helpful, and I'm happy to share my experiences regarding the following vendors if anyone is interested (instead of going on and on about each, which I could easily do and bore everyone):

Maureen's (flowers for rehearsal dinner/reception), Muscoreils (groom's cake/wedding cake and desserts), Nik and the Nice Guys (reception band), Buffalo Club (rehearsal dinner), Twentieth Century Club (reception), St. Louis R.C. Church (ceremony), Buffalo Brass Quintet (ceremony music), FrenchPress (invitations and stationery), Susan Deborah Bridal (bridal wear/accessories), M.A. Carr (bridesmaid wear), All Season Rental (chair rental), Joseph A. Bank (groomsmen wear)

Unrelated, I'm trying to decide what to do with my dress.  It is an absolutely stunning (IMO) Priscilla of Boston Platinum Line ballgown (which isn't made anymore, since Priscilla of Boston is closing and no longer taking orders).  I loved wearing it so much, I feel guilty keeping it in a box in my closet.  I wouldn't consider trashing it or anything of that sort.  I am tempted to try to sell it, or failing that, donating it for a tax deduction.  What are you planning to do with your dress?


Re: Vendor reviews, etc. (Buffalo)

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    We're using Muscoreil's. I know their cake is really good, how did they do with the design and how were the desserts?

    I think I'm going to have my dress preserved and store it. I'm hoping that it can be used in some way shape or form for my daughter (assuming one of our kids will be a girl, which I'm hoping for).
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    I'm donating my dress.   I work at a museum and my job is to properly preserve and  store objects such as textiles and I find those "preservation" kits and boxes are too small for proper storage (folding is not ideal).  So I just don't have the space for a proper dress box and I have no idea why i'd need/want it in the future.  Since it wasn't anything extravagant I doubt any future daughters would want to use it or even part of it.  If someone else can use it and love it like I did, I think that would make me much happier than it just living in my closet.
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    How was your experience at St. Louis? We decided to have our ceremony there but we want a short mass! Thanks!
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    My dress is hanging in my closet. I have yet to decide what to do with it either.
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    Everyone raved about Muscoreil's.  I picked out a really simple design for the cake and incorporated fresh flowers - it looked beautiful and was absolutely delicious.  The  other desserts were to die for, seriously - everytime anyone left the dance floor, they went right for the cookie table. 

    I was pretty happy with St. Louis overall, they were easy to work with.  It's a lovely church, and photographs well.  I wanted to do the nuptial ceremony only (instead of the full mass) and our priest (not the parish priest at St. Louis, btw) talked us out of it, with the promise that he'd keep it short.  Well, he didn't, and we ended up being a half-hour behind.  So, if you definitely want the nuptial ceremony only, stick to your guns! 
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