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In need of bus/shuttle recommendations for wedding guests

Hi everyone,

We need to provide some sort of transportation via bus or something similar for our guests to get from their hotels dowtown to our Williamsville-area ceremony.  Some of them won't have cars since they'll be flying in for our wedding, and even for those who do have transportation, we've found out that due to a community event happening in Williamsville the weekend of our wedding, parking may be extremely tight.

So far my mom got the number for a company called something like First Student, which basially rents school buses for these types of situations.  They aren't air-conditioned and they have about a three hour minimum to rent them for, which is really longer than we need.

I am wondering if anyone has other recommendations.  We are not looking for our wedding party transportation (we already have that) and we are looking for something that can fit a decent amount of people, maybe 40 or so just to make it worth doing at all. Any suggestions are extremely appreciated!!  Thanks.

Alison :)

Re: In need of bus/shuttle recommendations for wedding guests

  • Many hotels have shuttle services. Many of them are free. Check with them.
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    This won't work for us. We have room blocked at three different hotels, so it will be chaotic to organize.  We also can't have a ride to our venue and then have guests stuck in the suburbs without a way back home.  We really need something to rent and remain at the ceremony site until it's over so guests can be transported back.

    We are looking for the name of a company that rents buses by the hour, not a limo.  

  • I'm interested in the answers, as we have a similar dilemma.
  • ETA - Also, many limo companies do offer a shuttle service, but it's expensive. I think the lowest quote I got was for a 4 hour split and it was $500
  • Call Status Limosine. That's who we are using for our limo/shuttle.
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  • some limo companies have other larger vehicles to accommodate more people. also some cab companies have towncars which might help too.

    a quick google search gave me this:
  • I know several people who rented a school bus from First Student to transport their guests.
  • degreadegrea member
    I rented a school bus for my wedding. After calling around we went with Grand Tours.

    We ended up renting the bus from 4pm to 3am. It took people to and from the hotel to the reception hall and than after the reception to and from the bar to the hotel. It even took my parents back to our house.

    I would give them a call. Tell them what you are looking for and get a quote. They were really easy to work with. And our bus driver was extremely sweet!

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