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Anyone getting married at Artisan Works?

Anyone getting married at Artisan Works, or has any feedback?
if so were you happy with the service, the prices and manus?

I'm looking for a creative fun and non traditional venue - Artisan was the first place I thought of in Rochester, I will be happy to hear about other suggestions

Re: Anyone getting married at Artisan Works?

  • There's someone who got married there in October 2011 (she's active on the month board.)  I'll see if I can get her attention to respond to this post :)
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  • My cousin got married there in 2003. It was a great wedding, super cool venue. The food was great.
  • Thank you! if you have other recommendation I would love to hear about them
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    I am the October 2011 bride kat mentioned. My husband and I had our reception there on Oct 29th and it was fantastic. Victoria really knows what she's doing. We really liked the option of bringing in our own booze & dessert. They don't have a per-plate fee or cutting fee for cake and no cork fees or any such nonsense for booze -- so you don't get nickled and dimed. I will say that Victoria was not always the best at communicating during the 6-8 months prior to October. But once I was about 10 days out, she was spectacular. And frankly, that's when you really need your venue coordinator to be on point. So don't be discouraged if it takes her a week to get back to you earlier in the process.

    Everyone who went to the wedding loved it -- people still talk about how great & unique it is there. Seriously, it's still a topic almost 4 months later. And the wedding pictures are fantastic. You don't need to spend a lot of money on decorations because this place is decorated on its own.

    If you have any other specific questions, feel free to PM me.

    There was one issue that we had -- the fire alarms went off because people were using smoke machines in the other side. They have now prohibited smoke machines and gave us a free membership for a year to compensate for it. And it wasn't even a problem, the DJ announced that no one had to leave, so it was only a few seconds of confusion. No big deal. :)

    ETA: My siggy pic is from the trolley car outside of the main entrance. :)
  • On a side note, another cool venue is the Strong Museum & Science Center. The reception room upstairs is gorgeous (full windows & spectacular sunset views), plus you can play with all of the fun stuff downstairs. If you have a young-at-heart, lively bunch, this place is amazing.
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    [QUOTE]On a side note, another cool venue is the <strong>Strong Museum & Science Center</strong>. The reception room upstairs is gorgeous (full windows & spectacular sunset views), plus you can play with all of the fun stuff downstairs. If you have a young-at-heart, lively bunch, this place is amazing.
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    It's actually the<strong> Rochester Museum & Science Center (RMSC)</strong> on East Avenue that you are referring to. It does have a great reception room with lots of light and a great view. There are also nice gardens on the grounds for pictures, or you can always take pictures with the giant mastadon ( looks just like a mammoth) on the first floor. You can also get married under the stars in the Planetarium there. Strong Museum of Play is the children's museum and is in a different location and is not associated with the science museum. They may do weddings there too!
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  • Thank you everyone!
  • I'm getting married in the Vertigo Heights room at Artisan Works this summer - we are only doing our ceremony there but I'm so excited. I've been to 2 other weddings there, and several other events - a TOTALLY beautiful and amazing event space.

    A note about the Strasenburgh Planetarium - this was our first choice, but they would ONLY hold a ceremony at 6pm on Saturdays (if that's the day you're looking to get married) and it was like $1200 which hardly included anything. But, it would be amazing :)
  • Hey ladies-
    I just heard of Artisan Works and it looks like a really amazing place to have a wedding reception. I have emailed them but was hoping someone could give me an estimate of what having a reception here costs. Thanks
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