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Hi.  FI and I had our videographer back out on us (family member who was offered an incredible travel/video opportunity). 

We're looking for a company or independant videographer under $800 who wil produce a simple 'home movie' type of video -- we don't need fancy editing, and would actually rather have the complete raw footage.  We don't need them to be in front of everyone trying to get 'the shot'. rather, a hidden sort of accessory to the day, just documenting the general fun and happiness of the occasion.

Any ideas as far as who to check out?

Re: Videographers?

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    I'm in a similar boat.  I still very much want a videographer, but the prices we were quoted were just too high (we needed to stay under $1000) and I honestly wasn't wowed with most of what I saw anyway. I wanted a more romantic video than one of everyone drinking set to rap music like I saw in some samples.  Anyway, a friend just recommended a woman named Suzanne-I believe the website is SFZProductions.  She is based closer to Ithaca, but I think she travels.  I think my friend's wedding was $850 for everything. 

    We are still figuring out what to do and whether this is in our budget at all.  I am considering calling around to some of the local colleges to see if they have students in their media departments who might be able to do this kind of thing for us. I have also been checking craig's list a lot, but I haven't found anything.  Lots of listings for amateur photographers, but none for videographers that I've seen.  Anyway, good luck and let me know what you decide!  I know I'll regret not having a video if we don't spring for it since I'm a very sentimental person, but at the moment the prices just seem too steep and there's nothing I've falle in love with to the point where I would be willing to spend that kind of money.

    Anyway, good luck! :)

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    If you girls are just looking for some one to tape your wedding ask a family member or a friend. I once asked one of my sisters friends to do something very similar. I went around with a video camera which we supplied and recorded a family get together. We paid him for his time and feed him. Maybe ask someone who isn't invited to the wedding but someone you wouldn't mind being there like siblings friend to tape it for you.
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  • I was on a budget too with my videographer. We are using Olean Digital Video (http://oleandv.com/) they are very reasonably priced. We are doing the standard package. Hope this helps!
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  • thanks for all the ideas. we've actually heard back from an independant videographer who works through a local college, and hope to be working with him for under $800. definitely exactly what we need without all the editing and production =)

    i'd definitely suggest going the media student or semi-pro family member route, especially if you're just looking to document the day in a generic 'home video' type of way.  if you're looking for something more edited, professional and romantic....it might be worth it to shell out the extra cash and hire the experienced professional.

    good luck!
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