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Hotel receptions

I have thought that hotel receptions wouldd be nice, so family and friends could make an evening out of our special day, as opposed to a restaurant, etc, where they would just go home thereafter. Am I off the mark here? Ne ideas ladies! Ty!!!

Re: Hotel receptions

  • hotel receptions ARE nice -- especially if you have a lot of out of town guests, small children, or elderly people.  It's very convenient to 'stop up to the room' during the reception for any reason.  LIke you stated, it's also pretty easy to have a sort of built in afterparty.  you ALSO don't have to worry about many people driving after drinking at your wedding (provided they bought a room, of course).

    The downside to hotel recpetions is that there's other guests in the hotel (unless your wedding is THAT big), and the noise from the wedding might be an issue, or else you might have random people wandering by. 

    Depending on the hotel, the quality of food may not be up to par (most are your typical 'banquet' type foods with not much of a unique choice), and the room itself may have a sort of 'conference room' vibe with moveable walls and generic decor.

    Deifnitely check out a few in the area and compare them to other venues.  I remember we checked the Ramada (on millersport/n forest), Adams Mark, Millennium (both downtown), and Antonios (banquet facility attached to a holiday inn up north a little bit). 

    Another option would be to have it at a place with a nearby hotel. We're doing ours at Salvatores, which is affiliated with the Garden Place hotel just down the street.  I'm pretty sure they have a free shuttle too.

  • I'm having my wedding reception at the Lafayette Hotel, which is currently being renovated and should be open (please God!!) on time sometimfe in May. :)  It's a really awesome historic place and Pearl Street is doing the catering, so I know the food will be good.  The downside is that there are only 30-something rooms in the entire hotel since it's going to be a mixed-use property, so depending on how many people need rooms, most likely not everyone can stay there.  We have also blocked rooms at the Hyatt, Hampton Inn and Holiday Inn downtown to give people a range of prices to choose from for their rooms. 
    If you were looking for something else high-end as a hotel, but not necessarily with a ton of rooms, you could look at the Mansion on Delaware.  Several of my friends have stayed there on their wedding nights and had really amazing experiences. I haven't been to any events there but I know it's really beautiful.

    Good luck!

  • We are having our reception at the Hilton Garden Inn across from the airport.  Super convenient since we have a bunch of out of town guests, and the property is actually very pretty.  We also looked at the Holiday Inn downtown, not fancy but the event manager - oh, I can't remember her name! - was awesome, super helpful and enthusiastic, so we almost went with them just because of her!
  • We are having ours at the Millennium in Cheektowaga in their courtyard. We just had our tasting recently and the food was great. Pricing is pretty reasonable as well.
  • We're having ours at the Ramada on Seneca Lake in Geneva. All our guests are from out of town and probably about 90% are from out of state. It was really important to us to have our reception in the same location as the hotel block to make sure our guests didn't have to worry about ttransporation/getting lost/driving drunk, etc. 
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  • I had a hotel reception and I thought it was quite nice.  It was at the Woodcliff outside Rochester.
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