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Need DJ Recommendations

I need a Buffalo area DJ, I would love some recommendations, because everyone I have asked didn't like there DJ.

Re: Need DJ Recommendations

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    We went with Saxman Slim - a good friend had him at her wedding and everybody raved about him. I think he plays at a few places in the area during the week if you wanted to check him out. It's a good option if you want live music and DJ combined (FI was pro-band, I was pro-DJ so it was a good compromise).
  • AeroStyleAeroStyle member
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    We booked Moving Music (Tony) after seeing him and after receiving a few good reccomendations. Very reasonable too. Saxman Slim was the other we were considering. Love the idea of sax & DJ. He was just a bit out of our budget, but I would still say worth what they charge.
  • degreadegrea member
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    I went with whirlin disc. they have done a few parties for my family and we were generally happy with them. I can let you know after the wedding what i thought, which is in the end of may!
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    Ken Paradise... he is awesome!!!  Couldn't be happier with our choice.
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    We went with Phenomenon Sound.  We received a lot of great recommendations from friends as well as our wedding coordinator.  They seem like a fun group of people!
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    I'm also going with Whirlin' Discs.  I'm out of Rochester but know they have a Buffalo office as well.  I've been to a wedding they DJ'd and so have a few of my friends-all good reviews.  We met with a few DJ's and found them to be the most "normal" and the price was right.  Good Luck!
  • carolburnettcarolburnett member
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    we went with Kevin Colangelo - AWESOME!
    He has a English accent and does so many different things and has incredible idea's that are not your normal cookie cutter style typical wedding dj!
    He does not use a crappy laptop like most djs as this he tells us is lower quality than he uses - he also does up lighting and is diong a monogram for us at no extra charge!!
  • carolburnettcarolburnett member
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    I forgot to mention he also owns a photo booth too which we booked at a great price!
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    I am using Phenomenon Sound. I got a great deal with them because I know them,
    I highly reccomend checking them out

    Also I just posted about getting a discount with CJ Sound check that out they are great too.

    check out my post for more info about the coupon i have.

    Congrats & Good Luck,
    Brianca, Bufflo,NY
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    cj sounds is awesome and so is beamin's sounds

  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    We went with Phenomenon Sound -- if you book at a bridal show, they throw in free uplights!  They were the only company that really paid attention to how things sounded at a bridal show -- some of the others that DJ'd the events were SO LOUD and had bad acoustic balance (too much bass, bad speaker locations etc)...the one Phenomenon did was perfect.  They also let you customize a lot of the song selections at your event. Also, the DJ you book is the same guy you get - and ours is also good friends with our photographer!

    Others have been happy with CJ sound, but I didn't enjoy them when I went to an event they DJ'd.
  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
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    We're using Signature Entertainment.  It's owned by Mike Setlock who has been in the DJ business with local radio stations for years.  Very personable, professional, and reasonably priced.
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  • carolburnettcarolburnett member
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    Well I have to say that it seems people are looking at various DJs based on price whereas you should not - the cheaper is usually the lowest quality;

    We got references and actually saw the DJ we booked at a friends wedding!
    What is good or awesome for one is not always good for another;

    The higher the price the better the quality we have found and any DJ charging less than $800 it nothing special and your typical chicken dance look at my big banner and sign DJ service;

    Phenomenon Sound is a bunch of young kids - we saw them at a bridal show and a friends wedding and thought they were silly, over the top and they thought they were some kind of Chippendale dancer...not for us!

    We really interviewed about 6 DJs and all 5 were basically the same - telling us they would do anything we wanted as it was 'our day' - what a load of nonsense - we were looking to them to give us idea's and not just nod their head at everything we said and they all said basically the same nonsense like in some way they all said the same sales pitch......

    We are getting up lighting, dance lighting and down lighting for free included in the package, and our DJ has so many incredible idea's we cannot wait to plan the event with him - Kevin Colangelo.

    Anyway girls I suggest you interview about 6 DJs personally and get tons of references and look for the difference.
  • rocweddingrocwedding member
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    We used Showcase Sound in Rochester. They were creative and great to work with.
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    G and N sounds in Sloan NY is my brother in laws company and they do a great job! [email protected]
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  • carolburnettcarolburnett member
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    In Response to Re: Need DJ Recommendations:
    [QUOTE]G and N sounds in Sloan NY is my brother in laws company and they do a great job! [email protected]
    Posted by kkelly1230[/QUOTE]
    you would say that
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    I went with Toy Bros Entertainment.  I went to high school with the owner and a lot of people in our class used him and they all loved him.  He has a photobooth and videographer too, if you're looking for those.  He's also  top rated on wedding wire.
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