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Buffalo Makeup and Hair artists

Hello ladies,
I'm starting to look into professional makeup artists and hairdressers for the big day.  Does anyone have any reccommendations?

Also I've been growing my hair out for the big day, but I am getting very sick of it.  I have thin black hair and it is getting very mousy.  I want to cut it, but still have a down hairstyle for the wedding.  Are extensions trashy?
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Re: Buffalo Makeup and Hair artists

  • Here is the link from the last girl who asked about makeup...


    I would consult the lady that is styling your hair for the wedding about cutting it. I also wanted to get my hair cut before the wedding because it was driving me crazy, so I showed her the style I wanted for the wedding and she told me I could cut 6 in off and still have no problem with that style. So my advice on the hair thing is to ask.
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  • im using Toscana salon - already had a 'hair trial' too (had my hair done for a different event, but used my wedding style. haha)  Diane was awesome to work with and my hair turned out great!  She did my makeup too.

    the part i loved is that we talked and tried a few different things before actually starting.  we also talked about a haircutting plan for the next 7 months.  we agreed that my last cut should be about 4 weeks beforehand, and that she wont thin my hair with the razor, so that i dont get any random flyaways =P

    whoever you go with, ask them about the style and how much hair you'd need for it.
  • I had extensions put in for legnth and for fullness.  It turned out great.  I used Glam On LOcation too.  The owner came to  my house and did the trial and wedding day.  Turned out great.  I would reccomend extensions for anyone!
  • Im a fan of Salon Avanti n Kenmore
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