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Giving gifts to Moms or BMs at your shower?

I am looking for ideas for small thank you gifts to get for my BMs at my shower this weekend....I got them each some lotions so far, but would like to add a little something else... And I am not sure if I should get anything for the moms...

I also have 2 Aunts that helped my girls a lot with the shower and I found them Lolita trays at Tuesday Morning.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

Re: Giving gifts to Moms or BMs at your shower?

  • degreadegrea member
    edited May 2012
    I gave different gifts to each person that hosted my showers. Try to thin of something they would like/use. I tried to spend $25 per person.

    Aunt that live in FL: Giftcard to restaurant, $25
    Aunt that live in FL #2:giftcard to Victoria secret, $25
    Aunt in BLO: gift card to nail salon, $25
    Grandma: Potted Flowers
    Mom: gift card to get pedi, $25
    SIL: Cookbook
    MIL: Tea and tea mug

    ETA: Also if you wanted to add to the lotion maybe a nice umbrella with the cute note attached saying something about their next shower.
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