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Groom name change?

My fiancé and I are getting married in August. Since he has other brothers, he has decided to take my name. What are the steps he should take prior to the wedding? Thanks!

Re: Groom name change?

  • Nothing prior to the wedding, really. I work in a town clerk's office, and that's where you go to get your marriage license in NYS. When you're getting it (no more than 60 days before your wedding, and at least 24 hours beforehand) that's when you decide if you are changing your last name. It's almost always the bride who does so, but the groom absolutely can -- just tell the person helping you, since out of habit they may presume it'll be you.

    Afterwards, he'll need to change his name everywhere -- social security, DMV, banks, and so on -- just the way anyone does.
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  • Your post, brings up another question, I live in East Amherst, where do I go for a marriage certificate, downtown, or amherst? 
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    You can get your marriage license from any Town Clerk in New York State. You don't have to get it in the town you live in, or in the town the wedding is going to be in. Go to whatever office is convenient for you. Just remember that in the future, if you ever need extra certified copies of your marriage certificate, you always get them from that office.

    Wherever you decide to go, call in advance, find out when they're open, and what their requirements are. There are basics listed on the state's web site, but offices have ever-so-slightly different rules about what you need to bring, or when to come in, and so on.

    **Whoops! Edited to say, btw, New York City is different, and has its own system, from the rest of the state. Just FYI.
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  • Related question - is this the same if you and your spouse will be hyphenating your name?  Or is that an additional complication if you're choosing to change both names?
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