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Embassy Suites

Has anyone been to a wedding at the Embassy Suites, or heard any feedback?  Anyone stayed in one of their rooms?

Thanks Brides!

Re: Embassy Suites

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    I have an appointment set up with them for a tour... I know, that really doesn't help much right now. But when I go there, or if someone doesn't give you a better answer in time, I will let you know. Won't forget!
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    I went to look there and it was very nice, but I had two problems with the room, LOW ceilings and 4 giant pillars in the middle of the room making a square type space in the middle of the room.  I felt like the room was more suited to a conference than a wedding.  But I always dreamed of a ball room type space.  Also the rooms there are great and if we weren't having our wedding at a hotel we would've chose to stay there. 
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    We looked there for our wedding, but everything was kind of a la carte and when added up it got really expensive! They do have a nice outdoor space that would be something different in the city. I also stayed overnight in a suite for a bachelorette party, the room was gorgeous. Oh and just a heads up- for weddings you have to valet park, and it's 10 bucks a car.
  • My cousins wedding was there. I was a bridesmaid. With all the uPlighting and decoration, it was beautiful. When I started looking at venues, she steered me away cause she had a lot of underlying cost that made it pricey which made me start making my spreadsheet with the tax costs do I was looking at a more realistic number.
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    Hi, I wanted to get back to you. My fiance and I looked at the hotel. We thought it was okay. We have tons of people coming to our wedding and the room seemed to clustered. We actually didn't like the idea that the buffet was going to be in a narrow hallway, too. That is going to be collision there. As far as staying? Our tour guide showed us the room. They are beautiful!
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    I am having my reception there in less than 2 months! I was given a sneak peak at a very very similar wedding last winter (same colors and everything) and I fell in love. It is a little pricey but with everything thats included you can't go wrong.  We have a fairly small wedding (less than 100) so it will be perfect.  If you have a lot of people that maybe tricky. Also, DONT block rooms! They ended up being more than if you booked them online with a AAA/military etc discount. That I am not happy about.
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