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Which did you choose first? - Venue or date?

I'm just wondering what other brides decided on first - wedding date/time of year, or the venue?  We had originally been planning on 12/15/12 as the date, and I was imagining a lovely winter wedding with lots of white, silver and gray as the colors.  Now, at least one of our top picks does not have availiablity on that date and we are thinking of moving it to November 3rd, which would be more of a Fall inspiratoin, with colors like red, orange and ivory.  I'm not sure if I want to change the date, to get the venue we want, or change the venue to get the date we want.  Well, really more "season" than specific date... so changing from a winter "theme to fall "theme." how did everyone else do it?
Thanks brides!

Re: Which did you choose first? - Venue or date?

  • L&J2012L&J2012 member
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    I think you should have a general time frame in mind, then see what's available. For example, we were looking at either early may or late June. We found a place that was available June 30th, so we took it. Definitely don't set your heart on a specific day until you find a venue.

    Also, I think moving it to November is a good idea. Having it so close to Christmas will make a lot of people decline due to the holidays. Early December would work, though.

    Visit venues and tell them what time frame you have in mind, then see what's available. Good luck!
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  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
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    I had a month in mind (August) and luckily our number one venue choice was available for a few dates in August.  Are the other two of your top three choices available in winter?  Or, if you really have your heart set on the venue that is booked, you could always work with the "winter colors" you named AND the "fall colors".  How about silver, gray, and red?  Or silver, gray, and orange?  Either of those would look killer in fall!  Just remember, the venue is super important... After all, it sets the scene and mood of your reception; and lets not forget about how important the food is!
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    We knew the date from the day we got engaged because our anniversary happened to fall on a Saturday in 2013 and we thought it would be very special to have it on that day (we also got engaged on our anniversary).  Luckily, since we had 2 years we had plenty of time to look at venues and make a decision.  I'd say though you have to decide what is more important to you, the date or the venue.  I also agree with L&J about guests declining so close to christmas though.. My cousin is getting married 12/17 and so far both of my out of town siblings have had to decline as well as a bunch of other guests from what my cousin has told me.
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  • snooks721snooks721 member
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    I always wanted to get married on July 12. Unfortunately, it's not on a Saturday until 2014. So I would settle for any date in July. Our venue had July 7 and July 21 available. I figured July 7th we would get a lot of declines because it's the weekend after the 4th of July so I picked July 21 because that was pretty much our only option and I figured it's 12 backwards. Haha! So to answer your question, we picked the venue and then let that decide.
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    I wanted a fall wedding, so when we looked at venues we asked what days they had available and ended up with 11/19 because I fell in love with the venue and that's what they had (we really wanted September, but they couldn't do it then). 

    If you want a winter wedding, what about looking at January for the venue you really like?
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    We aimed for October, with preference for 10/22.  Our venue didn't have the 22nd open, but they did have the 29th, so we went with that.

    We had a cruise in mind that we wanted to take for our honeymoon and it leaves on October 31.  We needed to be able to get married and get over to Italy to make the cruise, so the 29th worked, but barely!  

    I also had in mind that I wanted to be before Daylight Savings Time ended (?) so that we could have enough daylight after the ceremony, but before the reception to take pictures.
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  • jenpiglet17jenpiglet17 member
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    We ended up choosing the date first! We went to check out venues, and not a lot of people are planning yet for 2013, so we get "first dibs" :) We're finalizing the booking end of October/early November! We originally wanted to do December, but ended up going with April 13, 2013! (And it's not a Friday!! :)  ) 
  • degreadegrea member
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    I made sure that my church was available for my date when they were we set the date. I wanted to be married in my church, everything else was not important.
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  • StephyD216StephyD216 member
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    Our date was more important than the venue, but our date was 2 years out when we got engaged, so we pretty much had our pick of available venues. I think its all personal preference!
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  • gymbugmj2kgymbugmj2k member
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    we got engaged 8/20/10 and planned for a "spring or late summer 2012 wedding".  We chose august for the least chance of rain, and hopefully away from things like prom/graduation/etc.

    We actually chose our photographer first and HE decided the date, since he was booked well into 2012.  We chose 8/18/12  (which is kind of cute that its almost 2 years to the day from when he proposed!).

    from there we went to venue and church -but being so early in our planning, everything was available for our date.

    Bottom line: pick a general month/timeframe that works for you two and your families.  Work everything else around that.  As far as theme, we've gone with a burgundy/black/ivory which in my head was more formal/cozy for fall....but we'll make it work for august!
  • We picked the date first cause I needed a general timeframe for my parents go live out f town.
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    The venue - It was hard to pick a date because so many places I called had different dates available. I didn't have my heart set on a specific date - just the particular time of year.
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