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Another ceremony location question

I was wondering if someone could possibly help me with some ideas for a place to have our ceremony. I have been looking through previous posts, but haven't been able to locate anything yet.

Our wedding is planned for June 2012. I would not be opposed to having an outdoor wedding, but I am soooo nervous about the weather!! I don't want to have everything planned and then it starts pouring the day of the wedding when the ceremony is outside, my worse nightmare!!

My FH is Catholic, I am Protestant, and we do not currently belong to any church, so it has been difficult to find a place that would accept us without a) us becoming members or b) me converting to Catholicism.

We looked at Botanical Gardens but for 200+ people, it's a little too pricy.

I am looking into the Karpele's Manuscript Library - has anyone had any experience with this place? It looks nice, but that's all I really know! Do you know how much they charge, parking situation, decorating, etc?

I am open to other suggestions as well!! Reception is in Hamburg, but we are taking pictures in Williamsville, so any place from here to there would be fine with us!!

Thanks girls!

Re: Another ceremony location question

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    I believe Oliver's Restaurant handles the catering for the manuscript library, but I'm not sure of prices. We are having ours at the Millennium Hotel - reasonable prices, and they have a garden style courtyard area you can book for the reception. You could also check out Kloc's Grove, they have a garden courtyard with a covered roof in case of bad weather.
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    Do you have to have your reception at the library as well? We already have a reception venue booked, we just need a ceremony location.
  • degreadegrea member
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    Can you get married at your reception location?

    Are looking for a church to marry you?
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  • AZMagnini14AZMagnini14 member
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    I went to a wedding last summer at Karpele's Manuscript Library and it was gorgeous. I recommend it! The reception was elsewhere.
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    You don't have to have your reception at the library to my knowledge. Not sure about Klocs. I believe you can have ceremony only at the Millennium as well. 
  • MrsPawlak2BMrsPawlak2B member
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    You can have just your ceremony at the Manuscript Library.  My friend got married there and it was beautiful.  I'll try to get ahold of her for more info for you!
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    I was able to get ahold of the director today, and we are going to look at both of them this weekend. I've never been to either one, but from the pictures I saw, it looks gorgeous!! Unfortunately, I don't know if it was the one on North, or the one on Porter. Either way, we are going to look at both, and I thought they were very reasonaly priced as far as the amount they are asking for a donation.

    Thanks for the positive feedback for those who have been there for a wedding before!! I will let you know how it turns out!
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    check out shea's too!

    that's where we are getting married and are so excited - it's going to be bautiful!  and the coordinator, bobbi, is awesome

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