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Post-wedding Brunch

Is anyone having one of these.... it was brought up to me recently and I didnt orginally plan on it...?? If anyone has or is any recommendations on places to host one!?

Thanks in advance you ladies are always such great help!!!!
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Re: Post-wedding Brunch

  • We are doing one, but at my parents house. Just juice and bagels. Probably get some eggs or meat catered in as well. Nothing big. Open house format, come and go as you want.
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  • We had one because of the 28 people at our wedding, 22 were not super local/stayed at a hotel  (including us, my husband is from Rochester and we met in Buffalo but now we live in Nebraska), so it just sort of made sense since we were all going to be around  and we wanted to spend more time with our family before flying out for our honeymoon.   We just made a reservation at a local restaurant (down by the finger lakes) and it worked out well.  It was nice to have a chance to see people one last itme and say proper good-byes.  It also gave us an opportunity to cut the small cake we had bought for such purpose that we forgot to do at the "reception"  but we had a very informal wedding.
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  • We are having one.  Our reception is at a hotel, we are staying there after the wedding along with many of the guests, so we are having the brunch in the banquet room the morning after...
    I don't think it's a necessity though, if you weren't planning on it originally, I wouldn't stress out about it!
  • Same as one of the other girls mentioned, my mom is hosting a casual brunch the next day at our house--just bagels and juice, etc. for whoever wants to stop by and hang out for a bit, no pressure.  One of my friends did this after her wedding a few years ago and I still remember how nice it was to sit in her backyard and discuss the day and just relax.  

  • We did one.  I had wanted one because I remembered attending one at my cousin's house after her wedding and it was so nice because we were from out of town so we got to spend a little more time with them.  Ours was held at my in-laws house.  We had it starting around 1pm for the Bills game (we had actually won the game that day so it worked out!).  We didn't want it too early since we had stayed overnight at a hotel after the wedding and we didn't want to rush.  Same as some of the other posts...it was an open forum.  We told people the time and told them to come whenever they wanted.  Some only stayed a bit because they had to drive/fly home but many stayed for awhile.  I loved being able to spend more time with everyone!

    If you didn't plan on it, it's not a necessity.  Luckily my mother-in-law LOVES throwing parties so it worked out well.  If she didn't offer to have it there, it would have been way too much work for me to host everyone.  I might not have done it if I had to have it at a restaurant.  Another thing to plan and the open forum wouldn't have worked as well. 
  • I didn't have formal one or anything but we meet everyone downstairs at the hotel brunch/continental breakfast. It was included in the room fee. It was yummy and nice to see everyone off. We stayed at Slavtores Grand Hotel.
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  • it depends on your family and OOT situation.

    i have a huge italian family that are mostly in town (and the OOT will probably stay a few days)-- so the day after will probably find us at my grandma's house for a late brunch/lunchtime thing, since some of the OOT family will be staying with her. it'll be an informal open house sort of thing.

    if you want - the hotel option is nice, as well as perhaps a nearby restaurant. Banchetti's, Eagle House, Milos, etc all do very nice brunch options.
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