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Having a moment and I need some help!! (vent)

Hey ladies...I haven't posted a ton on this board but I definately need some help from ya'll. I'm getting married excatly 3 weeks from today. Both my FI and I are from the Buffalo area but moved to Texas 3 years ago. We got engaged almost a year ago but when we set the final date and started planning we only had 68 days to do it in! (Thats just us we like to do things quick and at the last minute lol) .....Now planning from out of town SUCKS...our families have been amazing at helping but its just really tough because we dont really have control of anything. Sure they can tell us how good this cake tastes and how these centerpieces are..but its really tough not seeing it in person. Anyways our ceremony and reception were booked at Banchetti's in Amherst. We're fine with the reception being there. I was really looking forward to a beautiful outdoor garden-like ceremony in their grove area, but with the terrible weather you guys have been having I've had multiple family members tell me the area looks water logged, muddy, run down, and terrible. They haven't done any of their landscaping and they have suggested we move the ceremony indoors!
So Banchetti's has offered us an additional room to hold the ceremony in (I really didnt want to just get married on our dance floor and then have the reception)....but looking at some picture my future SIL took ...I'm really not excited about using the other room.............
So here is where I need help....we have 3 weeks...do I dare change the ceremony location?? Any suggestions on indoor ceremony location that doesn't require the reception be there as well? This whole wedding planning process has been hell and if we could do it over again I think we would just wait but I dont want to back out completely. Im a control freak and I'm totally having a moment because Im in control of nothing for the biggest day of my life!...ugh I really just needed to vent and see if you ladies could help...Thanks for listening..and hopefully we can figure something out soon!
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Re: Having a moment and I need some help!! (vent)

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    I would just leave the ceremony where it is.  After all you already sent out invites to all of your guests with the ceremony location.  With Buffalo weather you never know, the weather may be great the next few weeks and you may be able to have your ceremony outside.  Even if the weather had been nice and they did landscape already it could rain on your wedding day and you would have had to move inside anyways.  We had our ceremony on the dance floor at Pearl Street, and while it wasn't ideal I'm glad I didn't pay to have it somewhere else, plus it was super convenient for everybody to have the ceremony and reception in one place.  You even have the option to have a separate room, which I would have loved to have.  Planning out of town is super stressful (I planned from MI), but in the end as long as you, your FI, your marriage license and your officiant are there, you will still be married at the end of the day and that's all that matters.  Everything else is just icing on the cake, so try not to stress out about it.
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  • jnpiwowarczykjnpiwowarczyk member
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    Banchettis is very nice and pretty inside. I booked my bridal shower there. I've heard great things about people who have been to weddings there, im sure it will all work out and be beautiful :)
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    Thank you guys..Its just tough and getting stressful so I needed to just get it out and try to get perspective on things. Thank you for your advice I think it'll be fine too ..we really dont have any choice but to wait and see :)
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  • stacious017stacious017 member
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    I live near Banchettis, and the area is not very attractive right now. However this could change. Knowing how stressful wedding planning, I would go in doors for your ceremony! Atleast you would have control over how your ceremony will turn out.
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    Does anyone have any suggestions on buildings/places to have it indoors if we chose to not do the ceremony at Banchettis? I dont want to venture super far from there but I can't seem to even find any options that only let you do the ceremony without having the reception.
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    What about checking with churches in the area?  I don't know if you have to be a member, but it may be worth looking into if you want to move the ceremony.
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