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I've decided to go with Elegant Imaging for my photographer. Has anyone or is anyone using them? They seem to be talented and well put-together, not to mention flexible with their packages.
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    Sorry we used Expression Studios. Glad you found one you liked and that was willing to work with you.
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    Nope, we're using CR Fotography. Glad you had success finding one!
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    Most of the photography studios I've seen online do photojournalistic style wedding photos and I really do not like this. As a web developer and graphic designer and owner of a DSLR,  I know it takes virtually no skill to just snap 10,000 photos and then go through cropping, rotating, etc to get passable photographs. There are like 5 popular wedding photography blogs based in WNY and they regularly post their work. The photos are horrendous. Brides' back fat, random drunk faces ruining romantic shots, cheesy HDR, unflattering angles showing double chins or weird posture... candida showcasing crooked teeth or overbites or other flaws.  I just don't think these photographers are being critical/choosy enough with their pics. I can have candid party shots any day of the week and run them through PS - I want something to hang on the wall - something that looks more like a fashion editorial in Vogue than a facebook pic. Being trained in photojournalism while in the military is not my idea of a good wedding photographer. I want a bonafide art-school indie girl or guy! Anyone know of a photographer who does more artistic, fashion, glamour, photography? 
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