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Hi everyone! So I love the idea of a photobooth at a reception however several friends have already done it and my cousin is planning to have one as well and her wedding is a month before mine with half the guests the same. I know I could still go it but I'm wondering if anyone has any other fun ideas besides a photobooth but with a similar effect. I thought about s caricature artist but I thought that could be a bit too much like a carnival. Any ideas for something fun and a little different??? THANKs!!!

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    I went to one with cariacture drawings and it was actually a lot of fun. There was always a line and it was a big hit!

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    I think the idea of caricature drawings is really cool - it's something fun that guests can take home with them, and different than a photo booth so you can feel like you stand out from some other weddings being held around the same time. Good luck!
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