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In your opinion ladies, what is e best venue?

what do you ladies consider, hands down, the best venue for a reception in WNY? I was really thinking about pearl street grille. Haven't checked it out yet.and the Botanical Gardens look beautiful but is there really room to dance? Seems limited in space. Any comments on these or other venues would be greatly greatly appreciated! Also ne venues that assist with other aspects such as chair covers, officiants on site. It all would be awesome. thanks girls!

Re: In your opinion ladies, what is e best venue?

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    I attended a wedding at the Botanical Gardens. It was very pretty but tight on space. If you are having a very small wedding it would be lovely.

    From what I understand, if you have your reception at the Millenium Hotel in Cheektowaga it includes a Butterwoods wedding cake.
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    We are having our reception at the Millennium hotel - it does include the wedding cake - they use Butterwood exclusively - it does take some additional cost and stress out of the picture!
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    Here's a run-down of some of the places my hubby and I have been to weddings in the past few years:

    Harry's Harbour -- this one was a couple years ago, so I don't remember too much except it was a gorgeous place to have a wedding.  It's right on the water downtown and had beautiful views (my friend's pictures are great).

    Samuel's Grande Manor -- this was a great venue for a summer wedding.  I think there are a bunch of different rooms (for different reception sizes), plus there is an outside patio (with fountains, tables & chairs) that people were able to use.  The food also was very good.

    Salvatore's -- (our wedding was there so I'm a little biased) Nothing but good to say about here.  We were able to book the Amore room (added in the past couple years I believe) which is extremely elegant looking.  The staff was great to work with and everyone loved the food.

    Oh, and we also attended my aunt's wedding at the Milennium, and it was very nice.  Good food and that cake was great!

    Hope this helps!
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    I have been to weddding at these locations

    Samuels- Great for summer wedding. I would reccommend upstair room. In my opinion it is the nicest room. Food is good. Staff seems easy to work with.

    Salvotores- I have been to two weddings there, They are the best bang for your buck. Great to work with, food was great. This is where I would have had my wedding if it wasn't not done already in my family.

    Lucarelli's- Food was okay. The room was nice. DJ was awful!

    I am having my wedding at Rich's Atrium, The food I sampled is outstanding, the location is so pretty, and they have been great to work with.

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    Samuels - great look, but definintely read the fine print. they reserve the right to move you to a different room, and book all 6 rooms at the same time --- with 1 set of bathrooms!  ...can be a bit crazy.

    Salvatores - Where i'm having mine!  I agree with degrea.  Good value for the stuff you're getting -- and you know the food is good!

    Antonios - Our 'backup plan".  Good food, and a pretty room that you can add your own touch to.  A bit cheaper than other places

    I've been to events at pearl street (but no weddings), and the food has been good, and it's a unique space!  Similar place with the brick decor would be La Galleria by the Bills stadium. Went to a wedding there around christmastime and it was SO pretty.  ceremony was performed there too. it worked out really well.

    If you're looking for the 'all inclusive' stuff, stick with restaurants, banquet halls and hotels.  Going to unique places like old mansions, or gardens might put you in a spot where you need to rent EVERYTHING.
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    We had our wedding at Pearl Street and I have to say that they are amazing.  We had so many compliments on our wedding.  Natalie and the crew there were a pleasure to work with.
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    Pearl St is FABULOUS and the room is beautiful...I would have had my wedding there if my Father wasn't so against my reception being downtown...
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    I just booked my December wedding at Pearl street and I loved it the second we walked in. Depending on what floor you're on, you probably don't even need chair covers. I've heard nothing but good things!
  • AeroStyleAeroStyle member
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    Ours is at Pearl St. too. Beautiful venue, and I've only heard good things about PS from other vendors.
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    I love Pearl Street, but I didn't want to be the 3rd wedding there in 3 years among our friends, so we ended up going with Millennium.  If your wedding is small enough, you can have the reception in their tropical courtyard.  Ours is too big but we're still doing the ceremony and cocktail hour there and the reception in the ball room.  They are really great to work with too, everything we wanted from the time we walked in they said yes to (some other places told us "we don't do that" and Millennium said "sure" or "we don't normally do that, but we can").  They even took apart the packages to mix & match them so we could have what we want.  And from what I've been told by people that have been to weddings there, they have some of the best banquet food in the area.
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    ok, I'm partial, but I had mine at Shea's Performing Arts Center and it is by far the most memorable space to have a wedding.  Pearl Street is really nice too.  I had my rehearsal dinner there, and I can't say enough good things about either experience. 
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