Suggestions for October 2013 Southeast PA Venue for 60-80?


I recently got engaged and am planning a wedding for October 5 2013 (our 10 year anniversary!).  I'm in Boston but my fiance and I are from the Philly area (Main Line and Lancaster) so we're looking for places in southeastern PA for a wedding of between 60 and 80 people.  We haven't lived there for a while, so we feel a bit stuck.  We're also generally pretty low key and don't want a very frou-frou space - a simple garden or restaurant would be great - and we're on a budget.  I'd love any suggestions.  We're thinking about: 

- A restaurant with great food that could also host a ceremony.  There wouldn't need to be room for dancing.  Thinking about the Glass Patio at Osteria, but I haven't been there yet.


- A park/outdoor space that would look beautiful in the fall.  


- A combo venue - someone has suggested Colonial Dames and the Tyler Arboretum.  

Suggestions are welcome!


Re: Suggestions for October 2013 Southeast PA Venue for 60-80?

  • You may want to post this on the other PA board.
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  • Look into the Reading Museum.  They have gorgeous grounds, I'm sure it will be beautiful during the fall.  I believe they are very reasonable with price as well.

    But I would also post on the Philaldelphia board, you may have more luck there.  But then again Philly is going to be rather expensive.
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