best western in bethlehem, pa

Very unprofessional.When I walked in and started talking to Lori, she looked me up and down and really wasnt answering any of my questions to her fullest potential. She then goes on to say that she thought I was a spy from another company. What is that about?!?

I liked the place, even though I was turned off by her, and took in my deposit. After, I called several times and also emailed several times. Never heard a word back. I proceeded to send her a letter telling her how unhappy I was with her service and she proceeded to give me attitude about it. I told her that I wanted my deposit back, even though it was not refundable and I told her that I was going to post this on the knot. Lori and her supervisor agreed to send back the deposit, 6 months ago. So this is the outcome.

I did however try calling again and the company just kept redirecting me to someone else and they all just wanted to know how they could help.
You just cant leaves brides to be hanging when they already have soo much stress upon them

Re: best western in bethlehem, pa

  • I'm getting married there in November.  I met with Lori once (this past September) and also spoke with her on the phone several times.  She was nothing but nice to me.  Several of my friends and family members also got married there and had no problems with the staff.

    Since my meeting with Lori, she was promoted and another woman has replaced her (Gina).  Gina was hard to get in touch with at first, but she has been nothing but nice.  

    I'm sorry to hear that you had trouble with them.  
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