Where are my Lehigh valley brides getting married?

I live in whitehall, pa  I am looking for wedding locations. I am looking for a place that can hold 180 people and that can fit in my budget. Please share any reccomendations
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Re: Where are my Lehigh valley brides getting married?

  • I know I was looking at a Best Western in Bethlehem, PA for my reception. I'm still looking for any ceremony sites. 

    Here's the site for the Best Western
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  • Our reception is at the Hanover Grand Ballroom at the Best Western in Bethlehem.

    What is your budget like? I think I have called / researched every place in the valley...
    For the lower end of the budget, but still super nice try the Masonic Temple in Bethlehem. John is awesome there! Had 2 friends get married there last year and its really nice.. and under $40 pp. You supply your own alcohol.

    or the Holy Familly Club in Nazareth.. really really pretty on the inside, and I think they are under $50 pp also.

    I have a spreadsheet of all the places, prices, and what ya get with it!  I really shopped around, but mostly cause I didn't want to have too much to plan / do ... I didn't want to have to decorate myself or supply my own alcohol.
  • Our reception is at Hanover Grande Ballroom at the Best Western as well and we are having 180 guests.  They are very reasonably priced.  I've been to several weddings and events there and I love it (which is obviously why we booked it, haha).  

    We are having our ceremony there as well, in the ballroom.  They have a gazebo outside as well, if you'd rather have an outdoor ceremony.

    Good luck!
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  • I'm looking for a place less then 25.00 Pp I know that's low budget.
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  • Bethlehem's Masonic Temple is around $25 pp but that includes food only.  Drinks, hors d'oeuvres, and cake are not included.  Here's a link:

    Hanover's pricing as of January 2012 was around $70 pp I believe and Holy Family's pricing as of September 2011 was $56 pp.  

    We looked at MANY venues and the Masonic Temple was the least expensive place we could find in the Allentown/Bethlehem/Easton area.  It's a beautiful ballroom, but everything is a la carte and DIY.  If you're okay with that, definitely check it out.
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  • I just started looking into Blue Mountain in Palmerton. It actually looks pretty nice. I've yet to find out the prices but I was told it's pretty nicely priced
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    We went to a wedding at Blue Mountain a few years ago.  It was beautiful.

    I was under the impression that it was fairly pricey, but it could've just been the options that the couple chose.
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    We just looked at the Beethoven Waldheim Club in Hellertown, PA.  Very reasonably priced and the manager, Kim, was very friendly and accomodating.  I believe the price for the buffet meal is only about $25 per person.  They have various bar packages, so if you're looking to save money you could do just a beer and wine package.  The website is: if you want to check it out.  The only reason we are probably not going to go with the Waldheim Club is because we wanted an outdoor ceremony and they have no backup plan for rain.  I hope that helps you!
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  • I'm so sorry, I just realized that you said 180 guests.  The Beethoven Waldheim Club only has a 150 capacity.  Still an option if you're willing to trim your guest list though.
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