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Hey Ladies- I'm stopping over from the Central PA nest board. I'm the matron of Honor in my friends wedding and she is not having very much fun planning her wedding. She wants to get married in June this year, on a Sat. but has not yet booked a reception hall. Could you NEPA ladies recommend reception halls in Wilkes-Barre and Southern side of scranton area? That would be a huge help. She is not willing to consider getting married on a Friday and lots of places tend to be booked.

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    Also help asap would be great!
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    that's awfully soon -- i had to book my venue 18 months in advance. Maybe a fire hall?
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    What size wedding and what kind of budget? Its definetly possible. I know a few people who just booked for the summer a couple weeks ago.
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    I'm doing mine at the Knights of Columbus in Luzerne, PA. He might have a June date available.
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    Hrmm, really, a fire hall? She is just having a short engagement thats all. I'll check out the Knights of Columbus for her. We have had a couple of options and places open up. Thanks for checking in.
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    I didn't mean anything bad about a fire hall -- I've been to more firehall weddings than non-firehall weddings in my life. That said, I simply meant that places book quickly. That's fine about a short engagement, but why close off an option? Clearly timing is more important than location for your friend.
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    Does she have any criteria she really wants in a venue? I could probably help think of places if there's a specific something she's looking for. I feel like I've tried everywhere! I had tons of trouble finding availability for Sept. 2010, hopefully June is easier! There are a few country clubs to look into, depending on what she likes :)
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    She can try the Waterfront in Wilkes-Barre, PA. I'm getting married there in July. They had lots of dates available when I booked back in July. It's worth a shot. :) Good Luck.
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    We looked for some venues yesterday. She checked out THe Parish Center, The Holiday Inn Scranton East, and she's looking at the Waterfront on Friday. She is trying to do it on a budget but with a nice meal and nice surroundings. Not sure what she is willing to pay per plate. I think the budget for the wedding is around $10,000 for 150 people.
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    You can also try the Golden Palace in Plains. (I think that's still the name of it) My Brother in Law got married there a couple of years ago and the food was good and the space was nice. I might be misinformed but I think they paid about $80/person but it included, flowers, invitations, linens and a few other things. Hope this helps.
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