Anyone using Sweet Exposures Photography?

We are having our engagement sitting next month and I was wondering if anyone has already used them. I'm more interested in sneaking a peek to see their work and perhaps getting some picture ideas.

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Re: Anyone using Sweet Exposures Photography?

  • I would Google there name and usually you'll find links to previous shoots or pictures they have shot
  • I am using them for my 5.27.12 wedding, and my friend Kristen used them October 2010.  My friend Jeff is also using them for his wedding in October-they are wonderful. 
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    For weddings...they are okay if you are getting a smaller package with fewer deliverables (I would think).  I got a larger package and am still waiting on a few items and have been married since 2010!  The follow-up is also not good...I have to contact them several times with the same question and they don't give many updates about the status of the work. I really liked them at first, but after the wedding the customer focus was no longer there.  Hope this helps.

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