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Hotel Bethlehem: A: The hotel was beatifully decorated and both the wedding planner and the maitre d were amazing. They put out the centerpieces for us along with the candy and cigar buffet. The place settings looked exactly how I wanted and I was quite pleased. The food was generally quite good and people complemented everything. Additionally, the serving staff was perfect. The drinks were great and they worked with us and my crazy signature drink ideas. I would definitely recommend the premiere upgrade.
Complaints: I withheld an A+ bc there were a few things slightly off (although don't get me wrong I would absolutely have my wedding there all over again). I hate it when bartenders put out tip cups. We pay 20% gratuity already and I think it looks tacky. A few guests said that this was normal, but I'm really not thrilled with the concept. I wouldn't recommend the italian wedding soup, but the other food was great. Towards the end of the night the napkins from the previous night's wedding were used (with other people's names on it and a different date). I had a few guests notice but I shared my concern with the staff and they seemed to fix the situation quickly and were apologetic.

Sweet Exposures: A+: The pictures came out wonderful! The pictures had the vintage, elegant feel that I wanted. The editing was great as well and both Mike & Kerri were so easy to work with. They respond to emails very quickly and are easy to communicate with. They work as a team so that they don't miss any shots.I would definitely recommend them to other brides.

Book It Limos (previously LaRose Limos): D: The company called a few hours before and said that our rolls royce was broken and couldn't make it. They wanted to send a lincoln towncar instead(for the same price). My husband refused and they offered an excaliber 10 passenger limo. I arranged for everyone to travel in it. The excaliber arrived and it could barely fit 2 people. My dress wouldnt fit and the driver was rude. My Dad had to sit in the passenger's seat because the back seat was so small. They did not have champagne or anything in it and the driver didn't say sorry. He acted as if it was my fault I couldn't fit (I'm a size 2), but my dress was a ball gown so I ordered a 4 passenger rolls royce for a reason. I didn't give them an F because they showed up, but I think it is terribly rude to pull things like that after they were paid for a rolls (they didn't discount it either). In the end the car looked great in the pictures, but it was a stressful experience.

Merry's Custom Cakes: A+: She is very sweet and talented. The cake looked great! She is affordable and her cakes taste great. She came up with a great design.
Ken & Company- Amanda Kadel: A+: Amanda is amazing!!! She evened out my self dye job and gave me perfect bangs.

Christ Hamilton Lutheran Church: A+:Beautiful!!!

Re: Wedding Reviews!!!

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    Congrats hun! Can't wait to see your pics!!
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    glad to hear!  I used Merry's Custom Cakes too and had a great experience too (although she took forever to answer emails/phone calls...)  I love the Hotel Bethlehem too -- gorgeous. 

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    Thanks for the reviews! I went to Ken & Company once but hated my highlights lol
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    what did you have as ur menue options for the hotel?
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    Wedding Menu:
    Appetizers: Spanikopita, mini crab cakes, crab stuffed mushrooms, quiche(not the average frozen kind quite good), bruschetta, mini chicken quesidillas, Mediterranean display, veggie & cheese displays, wheel of brie, maybe a few other things I am forgetting
    Italian Wedding Soup
    Salad- better than the average wedding salad I would say
    Plated Entree Choice: Char-grilled churasco steak, chicken franchaise, eggplant napoleon & sweet pea and orange stir fry (for the vegans)
    They were served with mashed potatoes(amazing!) and a vegatable medley
    NY Cheesecake

    Wedding Cake: red velvet, pumpkin spice and apple spice cake with cream cheese icing (although it didn't really taste like cream cheese to me). I heard a lot of great things about the pumpkin from guests.
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    Congrats and thank you so much for the reviews! I am recently engaged and going to check out Hotel Bethlehem this weekend. I think this may be the place for me! I'm so glad your wedding went well, hopefully it will work out for me too. Which ballroom did you have your reception in? We are inviting about 220 and have a 7 person band so I want to make sure there is enough room so the band doesn't blow our guests away. (My sister had the same band a year ago and peopel complained they were too loud.) Any other suggestions with Hotel Bethlehem would be appreciated!
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    We used the Grand Ballroom. The Mural Ballroom would be too small for your group size. We had a band as well and no one complained about the noise. We sat the younger people close to the band and then older family at the other end of the room. Pocono Manor was really easy to work with when I looked at venues, but the dates did not work out. I was also able to negotiate with several Philly venues and NYC as well. The Crystal Tea Room and the Ballroom at the Ben have lower rates for the winter and also for off peak times. The Russian Tea Room in NYC would be another one that I liked (pricier than Hotel Bethlehem but not as bad as I expected). I think there are quite a few venues in the Bethlehem area that would work out. Hotel Bethlehem worked out perfectly location wise as it was convenient to both of our families and Stacy was really nice and everything seemed to fall into place at Hotel Bethlehem as opposed to other venues.
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