Do I need to book a shuttle???

My wedding venue is about 2-3 miles away from the hotel we blocked rooms at. The hotel does not provide a shuttle, so we would have to book it ourselves. Is it necessary to book a shuttle if the hotel is so close?? I'd hate to have friends drink and drive, but I also don't know how many people will really use the shuttle anyway?

Re: Do I need to book a shuttle???

  • You are not responsible for making sure your guests have transportation and you are certainly not responsible for them making bad decisions when they know they have to drive.

    I think most people who go to weddings and know they need to make it home, know they have to keep the drinking under control.

    That being said, you could call your local limo company and see what their rates are for vans. My FI and I are staying at the local hotel the night of the wedding and we reserved a block of rooms for anyone else. I asked my limo company when I booked the limo for the day and they said they rent out vans at a price per person if it's only going to pick up from the venue and drop off at another. We plan on getting the price pp once we have the amount that are going and then those who want to use the shuttle will have to pay their way. We'd love to be able to pay for everyone, but we just can't do it. It's mostly our wedding party and friends, who are all okay with paying for their shuttle seat. It's better than driving.
  • We rented a school bus.. It's so cheap for the whole night , and no one is drinking and driving!
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  • @kek - really? I didn't even think of that. I am a teacher so it would be a nice tie in! Where did you rent from? Our church and hall are both in Bethlehem, within minutes of each other. The church has on street parking, or guests can use the public lot about a block down. While that's not a big deal, if it's hot or rainy people are going to have to be walking in whatever weather there is. Our hall has a huge lot and I had thought about seeing if we could shuttle people, but didn't think I could get any place to do it for an inexpensive price.
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    I had called a limo company, who uses I guess some type of bus? They said it fits 23-25 people, but it would be $150 an hour. So an hour before the wedding and an hour after would cost us $300! And I doubt we would even have enough people to fill up the bus! All I really need is a van!
  • Maybe call cab companies?  They have vans. 
    I don't think you NEED to provide the transportation, but if you can it's nice.  I didn't for mine because it was a Sunday afternoon and there was no hard alcohol.  But if you think you'll have a lot of drinkers, it's nice if you can swing it.
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