October Weather - Worried :-\

I am planning an outdoor wedding for October 1st of next year (2011). I live in NJ but wanted something very unique, non-traditional, & budget friendly. I opted to rent a lakehouse in the Poconos area for that weekend and have the outdoor ceremony & party there with the beautiful fall scenery surrounding us. I didn't think the weather would be much of an issue since I can remember the last couple of Halloweens being fairly warm still around my area. The way this year has been though, it's barely mid-September, we're in the city & it's already feeling very much on the chilly side. I can't imagine what it would feel like come October IN THE MOUNTAINS!! I've read that Poconos weather in october averages a high of 65 & low of 35! YIKES!!! I'm guess the low of 35 is more than likely 4 in the morning but still!

Am I completely out of my league here? Renting heated tents would not only defeat the purpose of the fall scenery but it's also way out of my budget! I'm already sold on having an Autumn Outdoor party but then again, what fun is it going to be if everyone's going to be freezing their tushies off?

Should I move the date up? Help!

Re: October Weather - Worried :-\

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    We got married Oct 10th last year and the weather was great for us (church ceremony with indoor reception). However it did rain in the morning but stopped around 12:30 right before the ceremony was about to begin.

    If you are doing all outdoors, I'd keep an eye on the weather this year during that week. Granted, next year could be completely different but at least you have an idea of what those temps are going to feel like during your ceremony & reception. If you think it's too chilly look at renting the large outdoor heaters.

    Also, just make sure people are up and dancing! It will keep people warm and ensure everyone will have a good time.
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    is the reception inside?  if it's just an outdoor ceremony, make sure your guests know.  if it's all outside...maybe rethink.  i would hate to buy a dress and sit for dinner freezing because it's in the high 50s and i'm sitting eating a salad.
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    Thank you both so much! Feedback is very helpful... the entire thing is going to be outdoors so yes.. i am very much reconsidering :)
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