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bridesmaid dresses

I am wondering if 180 is too much for a bridesmaid to pay for a dress. I am looking at top # 6802 and skirt mskt-s from alfred angelo seperates. Is this too much or no?? I need some help on this becasue I have one bridesmaid who is complaing about it and asking if there are any other dresses that I could do instead.

Re: bridesmaid dresses

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    Have you priced them through the outlet?
    You can also try ordering them online from some reputable stores such as Pearl's Place http://www.pearlsplace.com/ or Perfect Bridal  http://www.perfect-bridesmaid-dresses.com/

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    Personally, i would not pay that as a bridesmaid.  I think more than $100 is rude -- maybe offer to pay $100 and they pay the rest?  Or have them pay half?  something -- but that is a lot.  Personally, I hate the idea of having them pay for it at all (since they already have to travel, book a hotel, take off work, buy you a gift (or two or three), get shoes, get jewelry, pay for hair/makeup/nails, etc.... we paid for the dresses because I just didn't feel comfortable otherwise.
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    I think it depends on your perspective and on your BM's perspectives.  What were you planning on having the dresses cost?  My short answer is that I think $180 is reasonable.  My goal was to stay at or below $200 (before alterations). 

    However, that said, I ended up having the girls choose any full length black dress they want in certain fabrics and letting them choose to wear whatever shoes they are comfy in for the day.  Then, I'm paying for their hair and make up.  So, I don't feel bad if they spend $200 on a dress. 

    PP suggested trying to get a lower price for the dress, and I think that is very helpful!  Wheel and deal with different carriers of the dress and see what you can do.   :)

    Good luck!

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    A little late to the post but I'm having a similar problem. I don't have the money in my budget to help them pay for their dresses and in my opinion, they signed on to be a bridesmaid so they agreed to pay for things such as a dress.

    With that said, $180 does seem like a lot. I LOVE a dress that is 185, but I'm trying to fall out of love with it because I do feel bad making them buy something so expensive. I would try to keep their budgets in mind. All my BM said they would buy it, but it still seems like a lot. I think 150 is a good range to stay under.

    I assume the dresses you are looking at are floor length because I def. wouldn't spend that much on a short dress. Also, sign up for email alerts from Alfred Angelo. I constantly get $20 off coupons for BM dresses. That might help the budget. Good luck!
  • deborah2121deborah2121
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    This may seem obvious, but it just dawned on me.  I think the price has a lot to do with where the BM's live and what their costs of living are.  For example, I live in Boston so $200 doesn't seem like too much because things are typically so expensive.  However, for my BM who lives in rural NY, $200 seems ridiculously expensive. 

    Another thought, because I have girls in all different areas (MI, PA, NY and MA), I have found that a dress is that is $200 in Boston can be found for less in areas they live in. So, if I were going to have the girls get the same dress, I would have ordered them through a store in one of the areas they live in instead of through a Boston store.

    HTH! :) 
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