Green Pond or Riverview???

I narrowed down to two venues: Green Pond Country Club or Riverview Country Club. Could someone give me an advice? Any previous experience? Please, help!!! It`s driving me crazy!!!

Thank you so much

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Re: Green Pond or Riverview???

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    This isn't based on real experience, only from looking around for my own wedding. I would go with the riverview, it's so unique. I've only seen the outside of green pond so I'm not sure what the inside looks like, but the riverview is beautiful and I think the menu is reasonably priced as well. I think the max is 100 guests though.

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    The max on Riverview is 200, not 100... But I would go with Green Pond, I've heard some sketchy (possibly/probably) rumors about the kitchen at Riverview.   I mean in no way to slander their reputation, but I would definitely ask to see the kitchen.  They are both gorgeous!
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    I'll be married at Riverview in June, our tasting was great! The event coordinator has been sooo great. lorib27 my guess is what you've heard are just rumors.

    I've never been too Green Pond so I can't compare I can just tell you that so far my planning experience with Riverview has been very pleasant. :)
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    i would go with green pond there room is much bigger but pricing is cheaper at riverview my mom djs weddings so i know alot bout where to go im thinking of having my wedding at green pond i was gonna go with riverview but the food wasnt good at all and my fiance is a soux chef so he wants the food to be great. green pond has very very good food. you get wat you pay for if u want cheap quality food then riverview if you want to spend a few more bucks then go with green pond. i wanted to pick river view also bc of the odds of it being right behind my house. lol well good luck with ur decision hope to hear from you
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