Realistic budget?

Ok, so we just had a baby and don't have a lot to spend on a wedding (that's crazy anyway), and I was wondering....

What is a realistic budget for a nice wedding with about 50-75 guests? I'm thinking I can pull off a nice wedding for about 3500-4000. I do know people who can help out with a cake and pictures for a fair price. One lady has offered to do pictures for free as a favor to fiance and myself and to help her portfolio, and my fiance has a family friend who does pictures too (haven't asked her yet, but I'm sure she will and I do plan on offering to pay her). Both amateurs, but both REALLY good.

What do ya think? Is that a reasonable, realistic budget? By the way, I am hoping to have this saved up for a summer wedding next year.

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    I think you are on the right track with your train of thought! If you do your research on vendors you can find some great deals. With an intimate guest list such as yours, I know people have had budgets of $2500 - $5000 and had gorgeous weddings! Have you started to think about a venue? Some locations will allow an outside caterer which may save you in the end. Many will also work out a custom menu for you and your budget.

    You can also save a lot by doing things yourself like invitations, favors, flowers, ect. All the major craft stores have huge wedding sections and you can use sale coupons for extra savings. Dollar Tree also is a good resource wedding decor ideas. Craigslist and other wedding classified sites are also good ways to find wedding items used at a really fair price. 

    You have also planned some time to save up, so that's a really good start. I would start your planning and call places as soon as possible so you can get an idea of general costs.

    Here are some boards on TK you may find helpful for ideas:

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    Wedding Classifieds
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    I definitely plan on DIYing a lot of stuff. I think its not only a huge money saver, but also would be fun for me and the girls to work on. =]

    I offered to pay Brian's family friend for photos and she declined our offer. She said she would do them as a gift to us. That is awesome! So we will have 2 ladies taking pictures for us on an amateur level, but both of whom are VERY good.

    I have yet to contact the lady who makes cakes, but she made one for my mom's last marriage and she did a FANTASTIC job.She didn't do it for free (I wouldn't expect her to), but she did it for a very cheap price. I've known her for years though and her in-laws use to be my bus drivers for school. =P

    I know those are a huge chunk of the total cost, so I am very relieved and quite thankful for these women and their offers.

    I do have a few venues in mind for a reception, all of which are very nice. The cheapest one wins.. haha.
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