Is Stroudsmoor negotiable?

My finace and I are looking into having our wedding at Stroudsmoor.  We are looking at having a Friday night to lower the guest minimum.  We are stuck between Woodsgate and Ridgecrest.  We are inviting about 190 so we are too big for Woodsgate, but according to the Friday minimum (165) we may be too small for Ridgecrest.  Does anyone have any experience with Stroudsmoor?  Are they negotiatable with guests minimum?  Thanks for any information!

Re: Is Stroudsmoor negotiable?

  • I think it depends on the time of year you are having it.  We are having ours in April and they cut us some deals because it wasn't during peak season.  I would just ask them.  We are having ours at Woodsgate and 180 is too many people.  They can squeeze a few more than the 150 max but not that many... hope this helps!  They truly are wonderful people to work with... I'm sure you can figure out something!
  • I am getting married on a thursday so they were willing to work with me - one point they had was if your guest count is too small the rooms look empty :) I am going with Lawnhaven with 65 ppl
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  • Thank you for your information.  clcranda do you think woodsgate would be really crowded if 150 people are there?  
  • I think it is definitely going to be full... but not tight.  I was at the sampling in November and Woodsgate was where they had the cake tasting.  They had all of the tables set up on the left side (looking at the "stage").  There was plenty of room to walk around.  I can definitely let you know in 6 weeks! Lol. 
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