what should I do???

O.K so I want to do a funny dance at my wedding after our first dance. But my maid of honor thinks it's stupid. What am I supposed to do? I don't want to make my best friend do something she doesn't want to do but that dance is really important to me

Re: what should I do???

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    She needs to cooperate. Its not her day, its yours and your fiance's. At the same time though, don't turn into bridezilla while expressing your feelings about it. Good luck.
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    No, she doesn't need to cooperate.  That's bridezilla talk.

    So, you've told her you want this silly dance but she doesn't want to do it. 

    That's that.  You simply cannot FORCE her just because it's "your" day.  The bridal party's only responsibilities include purchasing a dress and showing up and standing beside you on your big day.  They are not required to throw you a shower, or help with a thousand tasks or decisions, or do some silly dance just because you want them to.

    Which is more important to you?  Your friendship or that dance?  Because asking someone to buy a dress and stand with you as you make sacred vows is an honor and not too much to ask.  Asking any of them to do a silly/funny/stupid/whatever/trendy dance is not an honor; not everyone will think it's fun and some will probably be embarassed if not mortified to do such a thing.

    If you want to do a funny dance, then you and your df do it. 

    Don't guilt her into going along with it either, even if 17 other people agreed.  Let her sit it out or just don't do it. 
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    Tell her to watch this... she might lighten up a bit. <3 We loved this!

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    There is no way in hell a bride, no matter how close of a friend, could convince me to "perform" in any way at her wedding. I'd back out first. You should be considerate of her feelings. If you want to do some kind of silly dance, do it without your bridal party.

    And for the sake of full disclosure, I agree with your MOH, and I don't see how it could be "really important" to you, considering silly dances have nothing to do with getting married.
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    you can't make her do it.  why not do a silly dance without her?  maybe just you and your husband?  or just the 2 of you and 2 other friends, etc.  You are getting married, not putting on a show.  also, i would agree with your friend - no way would a friend of mine get me to do a "silly" dance.
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    I think if she was that good of a friend she would be willing to do it.  Life is too short- what does she have to lose?   If my best friend asked me to do something like that I would definitely do it, regardless of how embarrassing it might be or how bad of a dancer I am!! There is more to being a bridesmaid then just buying a dress....

    I would just talk to her about it- see if there can be a compromise somewhere?

    Good luck!
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    I can see evryone's point. But I must agree, I know my best friend will ask to do something I don't want to do. I doesnt matter to me though b/c I'll do whatever she ask's of me. Overall, ive descided not to do anything that includes her and dancing. I'm just going to do it w/ my fiancee. I would never force anyone to do anything he/she would not want to do so....IM NOT A BRIDEZILLA, lol. And just a quick reminder...veryone is different. That's what makes d world go round so although a dance is not "traditional," it's alot of fun and it is my wedding :) Thank you all for d different opinions. Good Luck and happy holidays!
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