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I don't want to have the traditional guest book at our wedding where everyone who attends signs there names on the lines.  Looking for different ideas on guest books.  Any help would be appreciated!

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    There are TONS of options. 

    You can create a photo book with pics of you and FI. I know a lot of knotties made them on sites like snapfish, winkflash or another company of your choice. 

    You could do a signature photo frame. We displayed an engagment photo at our reception and guests signed the mat around the photo. Pic in my bio under Reception.

    You could do a signature platter. 

    Friends of mine who were into music created a "concert poster" with their wedding details. They hung it up at their reception and guests signed it with sharpie markers.

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    I wanted the same thing -- it was a waste of my time and energy.  If you're having a smaller wedding then a signed/etched photo mat is nice - but if you have more than 50 people your mat is going to take up a whole wall and will look insane in a house/apartment.  We did a "rolodex" type of thing where guests filled out cards with their contact info and a place for well-wishes, etc.  Yeah...they're in their pretty box that was hand made and that matched our wedding colors and will not be looked at again.  I am thinking of weddings I've been to and I can't imagine they will look at theirs again either.  

    Personally, unless you have a small wedding and can fit all the names on a platter/good sized mat, I think it's a waste of your money and energy.  If you won't look at the book, why would you look at something else.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    We are renting a photo booth from PA Party PIX. When the guests have their picture taken, they reciece 2 copies of the pictures. The guests are putting the extra photo in the scrap book we are supplying and siging/decorating the page with supplies that we are also supplying. The company can provide this stuff for you, but we wanted to pick all this stuff out ourselves.
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    My sister had the same issue. I told her to buy a nice coffee table book that represented who they were and have people sign the pages with colored sharpies. She got a book of places around the world since they move all over for work. It looked great. I'm doing the same thing for my wedding in July.

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    Thank you so much for all of your ideas!  After much consideration we have decided to go with a photo book as our wedding guest book.  We will have the book made with pictures of the two of us on the left side and blank pages on the right that people can sign the pages.
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