Scranton Cultural Center

Does anyone have any information on the Scranton Cultural Center? Price, Pros/Cons, food service? Their website isn't very helpful.

Thanks again!

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  • Your best bet is to call. I know that you pick your own caterer , and their bar service is kind of pricey. A co-worker is getting married there in November and has only had positive words so far.
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  • Were getting married there this October and were super excited! The architechture is amazing-beautiful venue!!  There is a charge to rent any of the rooms--including grand ballroom where most weddings are held.  They provide bar service (which is a bit pricey) and you have a choice of several different catering companies.  They all do uplighting and all that for you.  I have been speaking with Erin who is one of the event managers there and she has been super helpful.  Also if you decide to go with that as your venue, I would defintely recommend Constantinos as your caterer.  Larry has been awesome to work with so far--really organized and the food from our tasting was delicious! They also do linens, chargers included and chair rentals! Good luck!
  • I wouldn't recommend them! They were my first pick last year when I got engaged. It took three phone calls (voicemail) over a period of a week and a half for them to return my call. When they finally did... First she went over all the prices... Very expensive! Don't get me wrong... The place is beautiful! But it costs $1500.00 just to walk in the door. You have to use their bar ($40 or $50 a person depending on which one you choose). THEN you have to hire a caterer who hopefully provides all the dishes and flatware. The list goes on...And on.... After talking to me for 15 minutes the girl FINALLY asked me what date I wanted which was September 22. She then proceeds to tell me she just booked that date over the weekend. Had she returned my phone calls from the week prior... Maybe my date would have been available. The closest dates she had to that was early August or mid November!!!! Totally disappointed with them!!!!! One more factor to consider.... After paying ALL that money.... The only bathrooms available to your guests are all the way downstairs... And the women's room is a lot farther than the men's!! Not ideal for elderly guests or ones that have imbibed a little too much on your expensive bar package!!!!
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