Dj AND band?

For my August 2011 wedding, the fi and I are disagreeing on whether to have a band or a DJ. I want a band because I grew around the lead singer and the guitarist. I love their sound and it would mean a lot to me. The band is called Blue London and they play all around NEPA...I highly recomend them!!

Fi, wants a DJ. The compromise is to have both, but the reception is only so long. We are getting the band cheap since I am close to almost all of them so that isn't an issue. The issue is what is the shortest amount of time a DJ will bother to set up for? And where can I find one that is reatlively cheap?

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    I'd just invite the people you are close to to your wedding.  They look like a popular music band, not standards.  (Yes, I'm judging, sorry.....they don't have links to songs on their site nor do they say what kind of tunes they play.) (OK, I see it says retro rock.  So still, limited.)

    Anywho, maybe your friends could play just a short set for free as a wedding present.  Then you can get a DJ who can play a wider variety of music to please your guests.  Remember that just because you like them, doesn't mean everyone else will.  That's the thing about DJs; if the crowd doesn't respond to The Cure they can put on some Sinatra. 

    Also, how many decisions/input has the fiance gotten?  If he hasn't had much of a say about things, then you might want to let him have this one anyway to make him happy.

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