NEPA off-site Caterers?

I'm amazed at how difficult it is to find an off site caterer! I'm about an hour north of Scranton, in Honesdale, Pa. Any suggestions? Most of the caterers I've found are at least as far south as Allentown and i have no idea how far most are willing to travel.

any suggestions???

Re: NEPA off-site Caterers?

  • DaisiedollDaisiedoll member
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    I've heard good things about both Epicurean Delight in Tunkhannock and Grico's in Exeter.

    But really, just google caterers and restaurants in your area.  Tons of restaurants will do off site catering.  Good luck!
  • myfeverplaysmyfeverplays member
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    There is a small pizza shop in Scranton called Roseanne's Pizza. I was just at a wedding the beginning of June and it was held in the bride's backyard. The food was AMAZING. She had roast beef, lemon garlic chicken strips, stuffed shells, tortellini alfredo, veggies, rosemary potatos....everything was delicious and it was catered by Roseanne's. I don't know how much it cost or if they travel to Honesdale but just thought I would give a rec cuz it was the best food!
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    Endless Mountain catering.. He's just started out his business but he's affordable and really good.
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