The Barn at Boonesdam/Susquehanna Chef


Does anyone have any experience with venue, or has anyone heard any reviews/etc.? I can't seem to find much information online about it, and they seem to have a really nice venue & pretty affordable packages, so I'm interested, but I'd like to know more from others, if anyone has any info :)


Re: The Barn at Boonesdam/Susquehanna Chef

  • I'm attending a wedding there at the end of the month I'll let you know if I remember to come back and post.  But the bride has said nothing but nice things about the place.
  • Hi! My cousin got married there last Sept 2011 it was beautiful!! They basically rented the place then they found their own vendors to come in.photographers, minister, DJ They had their ceremony outside there it was perfect!! The food was pretty good just nit the crab cakes lol hope this helps!
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    Sorry I've been so busy with planning and never updated you.  I HATED this place they squeeze way too many people in the space.  The bathroom is one stall down a tiny hallway. The lady who was running the place seemed to have an attitude and was dressed really casual.
  • I think it's noteworthy to put here that I initially reserved the newer barn venue - The Barn at Hidden Acres - for my upcoming wedding reception, which is run by the same lady who owns The Barn at Boone's Dam. When I had gone to see it initially, they were doing a lot of construction on the floorboards and deck at the time, but I really liked how scenic and secluded the venue was. I brought my fiance and the rest of my family to see it a month later (we made an appointment with the owner) - and we were shocked to see that there was BAT POOP all over the tables, chairs, and floor!! Not to mention, it was really dirty from the reception the weekend prior. The owner said she was trying to get rid of the bats, but couldn't guarantee it. Said they just sweep and clean off everything before each reception. We offered some suggestions (stuffing all the holes in the eaves with steel wool and stretching screening material across the ceiling), but she just brushed off our suggestions. Then, we found out that the toilets weren't working, either! And, she didn't have plans to get them fixed any time soon! I loved the look of the property, but we couldn't imagine dealing with bat poop, dirt, and broken plumbing on our wedding day - even at a rustic reception. We cancelled and were scrambling around for a place until we found a reception venue with a cancellation. My advice, before booking The Barn at Hidden Acres, be very careful to ask about bats, cleaning, and the toilet situation. 
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