Looking for bridal shops in Bethlehem/Allentown/Lehigh Valley PA

I live in the Boston area but will be visiting family in the Lehigh Valley in July, and thought it would be great to take advantage of the opportunity to dress shop with my gram and aunt! I don't know the area that well and since neither of them have gone dress shopping they wouldn't have experience with it either.

So I'm looking for suggestions-I'm only looking to go to one or two, so hopefully you can suggest ones that are in close proximity. Also my budget is under $1,500 so I'm not looking for a high end boutique.  

More specifically they live in Bethlehem and Allentown.

*I'm cross posting because I'm not sure if this region is considered central or northeast

Re: Looking for bridal shops in Bethlehem/Allentown/Lehigh Valley PA

  • lls31lls31 member
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    Try Bridals by Sandra in Nazareth:  I got my dress there and it was well under your budget.

    I recommend making an appointment with Deb Z - she was absolutely wonderful to work with.
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  • The Bridal Chateau is in Berwick and about a 40 min drive, if that. I've been there a handful of times and never had issues. They are extremely nice, budget accommodating and never try to upsell something you don't want/ asked for. I highly recommend them!!
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    I agree with the suggestion about Bridals By Sandra, which is in Nazareth (pretty close to Bethlehem).  I haven't gone dress shopping yet, but I've heard very good things about it.

    In the Lehigh Valley area, there is also a David's Bridal and an Alfred Angelo.  I believe they are both in Whitehall on MacArthur Road.
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  • Kelly at David's Bridal is awesome!! Other than getting an appointment on overbooked days, I've never had a problem there. I've had a few issues with Bridals by Sandra.

    Alfred Angelo is also great if you like a more modern look. I haven't been to their store, but I've been on their site and they have some pretty nice things at good prices.
  • aynos77aynos77 member
    Sandra's is the best.. If you only have time for one def go there!!!
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    I personally didn't like David's Bridal or Alfred Angelo.  The dresses aren't the problem - the stores themselves are.  When you try on a dress at one of those locations, you have to come out of the dressing room into the store where everyone can see you.  I didn't like that.

    At Bridals by Sandra, you get a private room.  No one sees you but the people you bring with you.
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  • Thanks for everyone's input! I found Bridals by Sandra but the few reviews I found were very mixed-can anyone describe their experience there?

    I also found PL bridla boutique and Sue Ames Bridal Outlet if anyone has any experience with those?

    I also like the privacy that Bridals by Sandra offers so I may just go there.
  • lls31lls31 member
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    I loved Bridals by Sandra, but please take my advice when I say to schedule an appointment with Deb Z.  She is fantastic.

    I went back without requesting her and I got stuck with a girl who was very unprofessional and also very pushy.  Ever since, I make sure I specifically request Deb.

    I think that personal experiences really depend on which consultant you get.  Sandra's has some consultants that are much, much better than others.
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  • I haven't been on this board in a long time, but work is slow today so I'm stopping by.  

    Jon's Bridals by Suzanne was wonderful for me and for my best friend.  They're on Hamilton in Allentown.  I personally had a very negative experience at Sandra's, but it was the consultant not the dresses.  So I'd take pp's recommendation to request the consultant she liked.
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  • I got my dress at PL Bridal Boutique. Angela has a huge selection. The store is usually not crowded.

    Be prepared to sift through about 15-20 dresses in each size, ranging from 1970s to current styles.

    No dress is over $500.

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  • I did not have a good experience as a BM at Bridals by Sandra. Before I decided to respond, I asked my friend who was the bride and she wasn't thrilled by her experience either. We both felt they were very pushy, didn't listen to the bride's wants, didn't size anyone correctly and the alterations were a disaster. Also, their dresses took much longer to come in than any other bridal shop I've been to, including one wedding where a dress maker made all of the dresses for the bridal party and the brides!

    I got my dress and my bridal party dresses from David's Bridal. The only problem I had was that they get very busy on the weekends and tend to double book their consultants. This also happened when I took my bridal party to try on dresses I had already narrowed down. That consultant no longer works there, but apparently she had been disastrous for just about every party she did, so I don't feel like that was because of me!!

    Kelly there is awesome!! She's not pushy, she listens and she's able to give advice and help create your vision without taking over the situation. She was my original consultant and I also had her when we did the flower girl dresses. She really helped me pull everything together. With a big party (7 girls) I have 3 different style BM dresses and the MOH is also in a lighter shade of purple than the rest. The flower girls are in dresses that tie all the elements of each dress together with mine. It was awesome how she was able to point me in that direction. All of my BM's picked a dress they love and are comfortable with and they all look stunning in them.
  • If you are still considering Alfred Angelo in Whitehall (near Allentown) please ask to see Chris! He is a wonderful person who found me my dream dress WELL within my budget! He makes it his goal to get you the dress you dream of and unlike DB they don't overbook and it's not crazy busy. There are maybe 6-8 dressing rooms and while my SIL (also getting married) and i were there (on a Saturday) there was only one other bride there. Good luck! Have fun!

    P.S. My SIL was an easy sell, she knew she wanted the Belle dress from the Disney line she just needed to try it on for confirmation. :)
  • I got my dress at Jon's Bridal by Suzanne on Hamilton Blvd. as recommended by another person here and can't say enough wonderful things about them.  I got a fabulous dress well within budget and the attention is personal!
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  • I got my dress from David's Bridal. When I booked my appt. for my wedding dress, I went on a weekday evening in July (I believe it was a Monday), and the place was not overly crowded and my consultant was only working with me and was great. (Unfortunately I cannot remember her name...sorry.)
    But, when I booked an appt. on the weekend for my bridesmaids (we went twice, both were on Sundays) the place was packed and I did not find my consultants very helpful. The place was nuts and people were everywhere.

    With this said, I would recommend DB, but would defininately suggest going on a weeknight :)
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  • MS0710MS0710 member
    I bought mine at Bridals by Sandra and I am so glad I went there. They are wonderful people and I had the BEST experience. I highly recommend there
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  • I would not recommend Sandra's Bridals as I also had a bad experience with them.  (ordered BM gowns, waited several months for them to come in only to be told they couldn't get them after all so we had to scramble to find dresses in time for the wedding)

    I will be buying my wedding gown at Alfred Angelo.  Chris is absolutely amazing to work with!   Each time I have been in the store, I have received personal attention with maybe one or two other brides/customers present.  Never felt rushed or pushed into making a decision or purchase.
  • Jon's Bridals by Suzanne on Hamilton Boulevard in Allentown is FABULOUS!!!  I went to a bunch of different places but ultimately the dress I fell in love with was there. The service was fantastic and they are extremely helpful and professional.  Also, they have a pretty wide variety of dresses available, so I really liked that I had a lot of styles to choose from!  Best of luck to you!
  • Try Stefanies in Pensberg they were great an alterations are included
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