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Hey!  Im from the DC Area boards, but FH and I are interested in honeymooning somewhere in PA!  We really like the Lodge at Glendorn (, but they are booked full for the week we'd want (our wedding is July 3, 2010, and we would like to honeymoon July 4-8).  Do any of you know of any other similar destinations we could check out?  We would prefer a lodge like this one, but a nice B&B might be alright.  We want to stay away from hotels and cities.  FH also really liked the options for hunting at Glendorn.  Thanks!!!
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Re: Question from a Virginia Bride

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    If you're looking for a small town with things to do and a nice little place, and you'd like to stick to the western side of PA, try the Clarion Bed and Breakfast (opens in a new window!) 

    It's a nice little college town (my FI and I go to school here!) and we're right by Cooks Forest State Park.  I'm not really sure about hunting, but there's definitely hiking and fishing.   And if you decide you want to take a break and go shopping, there are outlets about 45 minutes from here, and Pittsburgh is about an hour and a half, and Sharon, PA (home to the largest candy store) is about 45 minutes away on 80...

    Hope this helps set you in a direction you're looking for =]


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    Here's a website you may want to check out.

    Considering the timing of your HM, nothing will be in season to hunt only fishing.
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    I had to smile when I saw your post! We live in Arlington, VA, but my husband is from the LV, so we are getting married (the unofficial one in front of friends and family) in Stroudsburg (Poconos). I'd suggest the Poconos for honeymooning. We are doing our weekend, right after our wedding so labor day weekend (an equally popular holiday time as yours) at Bear Creek Inn in Stroudsburg, PA. They have been fantastic. There are lots of Inns around there, just go onto the Poconos visitors site and you'll find tons of links. Good luck and enjoy the best of both worlds (VA and PA!):)
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