E-Pics at Dorney Park? (a bit long)

I was speaking with my photographer recently about our e-shoot which we'd like to do this summer.  I love all of the carnival inspired shoots with the carousels.  I think they are absolutely beautiful.  FI and I are also roller coaster nuts so my photographer suggested going to Dorney Park for our e-shoot.

My question is, has anyone done a photo shoot at Dorney Park or any amusement park and are there restrictions from the park for doing something like this?  I know cameras are allowed in parks and this isn't something we would be profiting on - stricly just our e-pics will be taken.

I just tried calling Dorney Park and the person I need to speak with wasn't in.  I'll try back later, but I'd like to know if anyone else has done something similar to this and how it turned out. 

Also, if you know of any other places (read: cheaper) where we could get similar photos, like a state fair or something like that, I would be open to those suggestions as well.  Our photographer is based out of Philly and we are living in the Albany, NY area, so we're trying to figure out something in the middle.

Thank you Smile

Re: E-Pics at Dorney Park? (a bit long)

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    I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Knoebel's Amusement park in Elysburg, PA - but it's a fantastic park venue with free admission. If you would like more information check out their website:

    A lot of people in our area use it for e-pics and wedding pics venue. Here is a blog of a couple who actually got married there:

    Hope that gives you some inspiration!
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    Thank you for that information.  I will definitely look into it Smile
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    I was going to suggest knobels.  It is so super cute there!  It is advertised as america's free amusment park!!  They even have an area to eat your packed lunch!  Who does that anymore!

    I highly reccommend this as well!
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    I just went through the wedding pictures from Knobels, so cute and such a fun idea!  I would suggest this place for you as well.. I love it there!
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    Just an update - We'll be doing our e-pics at Knoebels in about 2 weeks.  I am so incredibly excited and giggle like a little girl whenever I think about it Smile

    Now ... what to wear?  Ugh.
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