Bridal Shower...on a budget!

So, I'm in my cousin's wedding in August and the MOH and I are trying desperately to plan a bridal shower, the problem is that we are all college students and broke(I'm trying to pay for my wedding too!) She origionally booked the Regal Room...which has very reasonable prices but we are even more broke than that. With 60-70 guest and the cost split between 5 girls it is still a litte much. Does anyone have any ideas on how to cut the cost? We have a cheaper space to rent ($50) but we still need catering. :(  HELP!

Re: Bridal Shower...on a budget!

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    Could you do it at someone's home?  Even if it is not yours, do you have someone who may allow you to host it there?  Then you could work with the rest of the bridal party to make appetizers and other snacks.  

    I have always liked showers at someone's home.  I know it is not always possible though.  My shower is at an italian restaurant because no one had a home large enough to host the shower.

    Also, could the shower be split into two so that you had smaller numbers to work with?  I am having a family shower and then one with my friends.  My aunt and cousin are hosting one and my bridal party the other.

    Good luck!
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    What is your budget per person? Thats a pretty big guest list. I would call around. I have seen catering done for as little as 9 bucks a person. Or what might be cheaper is to do the food yourselves. Everyone in the bridal party can make a dish. Maybe even close relatives would offer to. THings like chicken and pasta can be made in large amounts and its preaty cheap.
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    1)  Cut down the list.  Unless the guest list to the wedding is more than 300 people, that's insane.  Mine was called huge at 33 people.

    2) Maybe talk to her mom?  My bridesmaids were all in college/unemployed/just out of college so my mom paid the catering bill and they paid for decorations, favors, invites, and planned games

    3)  Maybe have 2?  One for family who has to be invited and do the more formal thing and then have another that is just a cook-out in someone's yard or one that is more casual with just snacks for friends?  (I wouldn't do pot-luck because people are already bringing gifts...)

    4)  Find a free venue and get a caterer.  Mine was at my church where it was free for the room, tables, chairs, etc. and so we just paid someone for food and drink.
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    I just booked a park with pavilion for a baby shower. It was great and cheap, only $30!!! I`m not sure if you want to do it outside, but if you do, that`s would be an option. I`m also in my friend wedding this October and we have a list of 50 people for her bridal party. I`ll host it in my house outside. We are planning on renting a tent and do it from 1-4pm, so we don`t have to big meal.

    Good luck
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    You may want to try a brunch, breakfast food is always cheaper than dinner food, and also try a Saturday morning..
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