I'm looking for a Bucks/Lehigh make up artist who uses airbrushing, but charges under $100 for both the trial and day of.

Is this crazy or doable?

And any suggestions?

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  • I'm not sure about pricing, but check out SplitEndz. It's on Tilghman Street in Allentown. It's just down from the intersection of Tilghman and Cedar Crest Boulevard and across from the Giant.

    I'm going for my trial next weekend, I'll let you know how it turns out. My roommate is a stylist there.
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    I'm not sure if that's doable.  I booked Lauren Bennett.  I paid $50 for my trial and $150 for wedding day makeup.  I didn't do too much research on other MUAs, but I did find 1 or 2 others who had similar pricing, if not higher.

    Good luck!
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  • I asked on pricing, and for make up, it's around $40 for both the trial and the day of. However, depending on what you want, like airbrush, sometimes that can go up. I believe the highest is $60. Plus tip.

    To be honest, you are probably not going to find makeup like you want for under $100 unless you go to a beauty school. Make-up is expensive and you are also paying for the professional application of it. You may be able to go to a make-up counter at a department store and work something out with them, but I doubt you'll be able to get that price at a salon.

    I do know a lot of make-up counters do wedding make-up. You would have to ask what it entails and then find out what you would have to pay, and I've never seen them do airbrushing, but I think you may want to at least look into it!
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