Favor ideas - Mini Vodkas

We are doing personalized cookies for the kids (etsy) but wanted to do something fun for the adults...because we are going to Italy for our honeymoon, we thought of doing Limoncello Truffles.  The truffles are beautiful, but you only get one for $3.50, seems a bit expensive.  Then I saw the picture below, mini absolute vodkas infused with skittles.  These are so colorful and you know they are tasty, and perfect for summer!  We thought maybe this would be a cute favor idea that we could do ourselves.  We would tie a ribbon around the top of the bottle and also have a thank you tag as well. How would feel receiving alcohol as a favor?

Ps: lots of martini drinkers at the reception, so you know they like vodka :)



Re: Favor ideas - Mini Vodkas

  • I think it's very cute and if it fits your crowd and wedding style then go for it.  I personally wouldn't of done it... I can't see aunts, uncles, grandma, etc. being too excited to get a bottle of vodka lol  I think more of the younger crowd would think it was fun though.  Maybe since your doing Italy mini wine or champagne bottles?
  • I agree with the others. You may want to look into who would like the favor and who wouldn't really want something like that. While favors are not required, if you are going to have them, they should be something the majority of your guests could want/use.

    If you want to stay with this, it is a cute idea, I would also have something else for those who are not fans of vodka or drinking. You can find a lot of inexpensive ideas on the DIY boards if you want to go that route.
  • What a great idea!  Half the time favors are forgotten and left on the table.  I think everyone would be really excited about this!  Where do you find these?
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