Anyone else having trouble finding vendors?

I've lived in the Wilkes Barre/Scranton area for going on 10 years now and I never thought Id have a hard time finding vendors..until now.
FI and I are thinking of a venue out of state, which would be a pain in the dupa but nothing locally is really what we're looking for.

I have yet to schedule a meeting with Inne of the Abingtons, Skytop (though I know its already overpriced) and the Colonnade in Scranton, so maybe it'll be one of those.

Anyone else having problems with finding a reasonably priced photographer or bridal shower venue? ( I'm my best friends MOH so thats also on my mind..)
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Re: Anyone else having trouble finding vendors?

  • I haven't had any issues, but I'm in the Lehigh Valley so that could make a difference.  

    As far as photographers go, I agree that they are extremely expensive.  I ended up asking a photographer friend for a recommendation (I can't use her because she's a guest).  She recommended an up-and-coming photographer.  I checked her out online, read reviews, and we met with her last month.  We love her work and actually ended up booking her.  Since she's not that experienced yet, she's a lot cheaper than most photographers, but I think her photos look just as nice as some photographers who have been doing it for years.  Maybe look into an up-and-coming photographer?  

    Bridal shower venues are a nightmare.  They are all so expensive.  The cheapest way to go would be something like a fire hall or community center (or someone's house).  There are some less expensive restaurants out there that will do bridal showers, but you'll have to do a lot of researching and negotiating.

    Good luck!

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  • I contacted Sweet Exposures (thanks to the reviews here) and I may go with them. They're within our budget and I love the work Ive seen.

    My only stress is the bridal shower venue. Its hard enough planning my own wedding let alone my best friends.
    Thanks for the tips on the venues too! Maybe I'll luck out and find someone who will rent out a small space.
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  • Photographers are the worst. All the ones I've looked at are over $3000, Our budget is about half of that, although we'd like to stay around $1000.

    Would you mind letting me know who the up-and-coming photographer you chose is? Maybe she would work for us too.

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  • Sunni, we may go with sweet exposures. Have you checked their website. You get 2 photographers within the budget you mentioned. Alao my neighbor got married few months back and they used Curtis Salonick. From what i was told they paid about 800$ for a load of photos and all the rights. I have yet to look up his info.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Anyone else having trouble finding vendors?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Photographers are the worst. All the ones I've looked at are over $3000, Our budget is about half of that, although we'd like to stay around $1000. Would you mind letting me know who the up-and-coming photographer you chose is? Maybe she would work for us too.
    Posted by sunnirain[/QUOTE]

    <div>Sent you a PM.</div>
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  • Thanks. We are also looking into Sweet Exposures.

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  • I'm also having trouble finding a photographer in the area, they all seem to start around $2700 which is more than we can spend.  We're looking to spend no more than $2000.  If anyone knows of a great up and comer, would you mind PM'ing me?  Also, has anyone had any luck with finding an affordable videographer? The one studio wanted an extra $1000 just to have the video be High Def, on top of the $1800 videography fee.  Insane!  I'd rather invest in an HD video camera for $500 and have a friend do it :)  I mean, my phone can take high def video, come on now!  I'm thinking we may just have to skip it but the thought of not having a wedding video makes me sad.
  • check Frankie Carll. 2 of the brides I know are using it and both had great reviews. The one girl is getting EVERYTHING done by him (photo, video, music etc) so she's paying quite a bit however, they will package 2 if you want. (though I'm not sure on that cost)

    We're meeting with sweet exposures in the next few weeks. I love that she's so personable and gets back to me asap. Have I mentioned you get 2 photographers for under your budget? :)
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  • I'm going with Sweet Exposures too! We booked them for our 6/1/13 wedding a few months ago. They are so nice and they can really customize your package to exactally what you want. We went with the "Sweetest Deal" and you really get so much for your money. We also booked our engagement pictures with them!
  • We also booked Sweet Exposures. I absolutely loved my engagement pictures and I can not wait for our wedding pictures! They are the greatest to work with and are actually affordable!
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  • We went with Tim and Liz Miller.  They are $1950 and you get all the hi resolution and low resolution pictures. on disks  They also send 2 photographers to your wedding.  I LOVED their candid approach.  We met with them once and were really impressed.  Right now we're trying to coorespond to find a date for engagement photos, but with their busy schedule and my busy schedule (and not many months left before the wedding), it's hard to find a date.  But they have been very laid-back and open to anything that we want.  They seem very honest so far (For example, they recommend their cheapest package, which does not include any albums, because they are aware that online printing can be cheaper).  Overall, we're impressed and the price isn't as astronomical as what else we've seen.  Plus, I thoroughly appreciate their candid approach!
    Here's their website:
  • we booked tim and liz miller as well. four of our friends previously used them and they do an AMAZING JOB!
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    jnl1225 - sent you a PM.

    I also wanted to be sure to recommend my friend.  I'm not sure what her rates are at this time, but I believe she is very reasonable. DeLorenzo Photography is based out of Bangor, PA.  Jess takes amazing photos.  I know my avatar may be too tiny to see, but I wanted to point out that she took it.
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