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Hi all. The more research I do, the more it looks like my dream beach wedding is not going to fit into my budget. My second dream is a vintage wedding. Can anyone recommend any vintage venues for <$70/person? Skytop is beautiful but way out of budget and Shawnee works if we don't add the bar but we're not sure if we want to do that. THanks for any suggestions!

Re: Inexpensive Vintage venue

  • Yes! I like both of those places too, but found my true love venue in Fiddle Lake Farm! Completely charming, vintage inspired and pretty afforable!! The owners are amazing and the location is beauitful. The package comes with many options, including use of their farm hosue and lake house for guests. The hilltop ceremony site is so special, with a stunning view of Elk Mountain in the back.  We're getting married there on May 18th, 2013 and I can hardly wait! Tho they've been runing the place as a B&B for years, this is their first year opening up the vintage barn and utilizing it as a wedding venue. If you contact Pam, please tell her I say Hi! Good luck with your search. -Carly Arnold

  • If you're looking to keep your costs down definitely check out Little Bliss Photo! Was amazing to work with :)
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