Cakes - Granny Schmidt's or Cake Designs by Angie?

We're trying to decide between Granny Schmidt's and Cake Designs by Angie.  I've tasted cake from both bakeries at a bridal show and we're planning to make appointments for FI and I to both go for tastings in the near future.  However, based on the bridal show, I am torn between the two.  Both had delicious and beautiful cakes.  Have any of you worked with either bakery?  Any horror stories or recommendations?

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Re: Cakes - Granny Schmidt's or Cake Designs by Angie?

  • I tasted both at bridal shows last year. Granny Schmidt's just blows Angie away, Angie's samples were from a previously frozen sheet cake. Michelle (Granny Schmidt's) bakes hundreds of cupcakes just for the shows.

    We booked Granny Schmidt's before we even had a date.

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  • Thank you for your input!  I was kind of leaning toward Granny Schmidt's, but I really liked that Angie's has pumpkin spice cake as an option.  We would both prefer something different like pumpkin spice (especially with a November wedding), but chocolate mocha or chocolate peanut butter are also options for us.  Did you choose a flavor yet?
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  • We picked the chocolate ganache, thinking about adding a banana layer too!

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  • We are going with Granny Schmidt's too.  I am doing the carrot cake with cream cheese icing.  No other cakes compared in taste, I thought, at the bridal shows.
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