Need Help: In search of river rocks (that aren't in a river)...

Hi Ladies!  I'm from the NJ board, but I used to live over in Stewartsville in Jersey (right next to PBurg, so I know the Easton/Lehigh Valley area pretty well).  I have a question for all of you that I'm hoping you can help me out with...

Aside from rolling up my pants and throwing on a pair of boots to go out into the woods in search of them... does anyone know anywhere in the area where I could buy (or get for free) polished river rocks in bulk/wholesale?  I might even go for unpolished, but I'd prefer polished.  They're for the centerpieces that I'm planning on doing.

I'm looking for something similar to these...

Or these...

And again, I wouldn't mind doing unpolished, but I'd prefer polished since I think they look a bit nicer.

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Re: Need Help: In search of river rocks (that aren't in a river)...

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    Have you tried Michael's or AC Moore?? I'm not sure if they offer these in bulk but I know I've seen them there. You can also use their sale coupons. HTH
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    Not specific - but a pool store or landscaping place should have them -- I know our pool growing up had stones like that around the outside of the concrete that went around the pool since the water would kill the grass near the pool.  Check landscaping places near you - like where people buy sand, mulch, etc.
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    Home Depot or Lowes might have them.
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