Moms deserve to be spoiled too

Hey girls,
I want to do something extra special for my mom. She is honestly my very best friend in the entire world and I want to do something just to remind her that I love her. Not for the wedding, not for any other reason than just to surprise her with a happy moment on a random day. Does anyone have any unique suggestions? I'd really appreciate it. <3

Re: Moms deserve to be spoiled too

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    One time for my step mothers birthday I paid for her hair appointment.  I knew she had one the day of her birthday, and paid the hair dresser in advance.  Although it was a small gift, she was so excited about being surprised!  I also think she loved the fact that everyone made a big deal about someone doing something so nice.  It sounds kind of dumb when it is typed out, but let me tell you she was super excited!
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    if you don't live with her, order a cooked meal to be delivered to her house -- or "break" in and do the laundry, cook dinner, etc.  I love coming home to find that someone did something sweet for me that I was dreading having to do.
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