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Anyone ever use Oaktree Photo in Peckville, PA? We are having trouble getting in touch with them (we already took our engagement photos) and we are thinking about losing our deposit and switching to another photographer.  Anyone experience this before??

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    I have never used them personally, but a good friend of mine did for her wedding.  She wishes now that she sucked up the depoit and found someone else.  They did show to her wedding, but the photos were very unprofessional.  She was not happy at all, and had a terrible time contacting them.  She did a file some sort of complaint with a business bureau type of place, but never got any money back.  I would start by talking with some other photographers...and seriously think about switching!  Hope it works out =)
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    I have never personally used them either. A irl I worked with did and she loved her pictures.  would say if your gut feeling is telling you to switch, then do it! I ended up switching photographers and losing a good amount of money but it was so worth it!
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    Hey Basket 10, I have never heard of the photographer you are speaking of.  However if you do choose to switch I have a great person located in the Peckville area.  Her pictures come out great, she is kind, and very down to earth.  She is easy to get ahold of and very dependable when it comes to meeting with you.  You can email me at [email protected] if you are interested.  Also her rates were VERY reasonable!
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    I'm really late in replying to this but I wanted to thank everyone for posting!  We did end up switching and we LOVE our new photographer- her name is Lauren Brimhall and she is amazing.  Thanks for the advice! It was definitely worth losing our deposit!
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